Investigative journalist Eric Zuesse connects dots with one question: Why are gas prices lower?

lower_gas_prices_poster-r5cc95f93eb6f45ad90b6d158e0852371_7083_8byvr_512Hey! Notice that gas prices are lower? Makes you feel good, huh? But wait. What’s causing this downward spike?

This Eric Zuesse investigative report is intensely researched, detailed, and unfortunately, most likely true — at least as far as it goes. Remember: there’s always another, larger perspective, always a further, deeper context in which what looks so clear at one level turns out to smear into confusion at another.

Nevertheless, Zuesse points to what does seem to be a coherent rationale to apparently scattered U.S. policies abroad, no matter how much Obama is made to look like a fool who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Even if he doesn’t, those behind the scenes do. Here’s our shadow government/militaryindustrialcomplex at work around the world. And as ever, “the business of America is business” — for the .0001%. Never mind how much murder, destruction and desecration of the natural world attends profit-making. They’re just “externalities” in this accelerating trend of violently grabbing whatever still hasn’t been pulled out of the ground or from we the people’s pockets.

What’s Behind Lower Gas-Prices and the Bombings of Syria and of Southeastern Ukraine

Obama represents U.S. and Arabic Aristocracies, against those of Russia and Iran


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