Does this October 23rd Solar Eclipse Ease the Relationship between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine?

10/21/14: And see the second post I did on this subject.

Huh? — you say? Relationship? What relationship?

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus (and never the twain shall meet). Okay, okay. I know that title’s a bit grandiose, and makes several wild assumptions.

First of all, so few people understand, much less appreciate, even the bare possibility of the Divine Masculine. Men are turned into soldiers, robotically following the dictates of their higher-ups to kill and destroy, not warriors, whose mission is to guard and protect all of life.

Secondly, the Divine Feminine is, though much balley-hooed, (and makes me think of women in gauzy layers with frame drums lighting candles and chanting) is certainly not that clear to most people either, even most women, who, in our culture, are still busy trying to be men, trying to win, compete; despite their softer natures, they deliberately harden themselves, in order to soldier on in this competitive, dog-eat-dog capitalist culture.

And of course, as we’re hearing more and more about, women in this and other cultures (not to mention girls, and boys, the children of the world) how they are brutalized, raped, subjugated, sold into slavery, and so on. So what am I talking about, “divine feminine” and “divine masculine”? What a joke!

And the two together? Whooey? What would that look like, beyond adolescent farcical C.K. Louis comedy sex sketches?

Here’s why I make the title’s possible bold prediction. I speak from the heart of the chart of the eclipse itself.

Screenshot 2014-10-19 12.00.31

First: the Sun/Moon conjunction — for that is what all solar eclipses are, particularly potent new moons, signifying new beginnings — just happens to fall at 0° Scorpio. Both Sun and Moon slide into Scorpio on that very day, October 23, and conjunct each other just past Venus, also at 0° Scorpio.

Sun and Moon: 0°25 Scorpio

Venus: 0°03 Scorpio.

Now if that co-incidence isn’t interesting, I don’t know what is. As the two luminaries slide into the depths of passionate, potent, underworld Scorpio, their eclipse happens to coincide, exactly, with Venus, the archetype of female, also at 0° Scorpio, the transformational sign that signifies death and rebirth.

Plus, and get this: Mars, Venus’s archetypal opposite in their grand coupling, happens to be at 28° Sagittarius on this same day, within one degree of the 27° Galactic Center.

Now, whatever the Galactic Center is astrophysically, from an astrological perspective it’s the big kahuna of the Milky Way Galaxy, and I for one, see it as streaming enormous creative energy continuously from the white hole in the center of its black hole into its very own galaxy, the one this teensy-weensy solar system happens to reside in (at the outer edges of one of its five(?) arms).

I say this because my own natal Sun happens to fall at 27° Sagittarius, and this is how I’ve always seen/felt the Galactic Center. I feel it in my bones. I feel it rushing through me. I feel it. I do.

And guess what? The universally beloved pioneer who just died, Masaru Emoto, happened to have his natal Ascendant at 28° Sagittarius, where Mars is now, within one degree of the G.C.


Did Emoto not stream a new energy of understanding into the world or what? And was he not a warrior? Did he not guard and protect life itself by recognizing and sharing his astonishing discovery that water mirrors and resonates with human consciousness?

Please remember: Scorpio, where Sun/Moon/Venus slide into altogether on October 23, is a water sign.

To continue the theme of water: Emoto had his natal Sun sliding into the final degree of another water sign: Cancer (28°38). Now it is said that the final degree of any sign is the most karmic, where the lessons of that sign must be learned. Cancer is the sign of home and family. And did not Emoto, according to his wife, say that his final remark, “Arigato” (Thank you) was meant for all of us, for his human family?

So. Mars at 28° Sagittarius, just past the GC, on the eclipse day. And why do I say this eclipse may signify the marriage of the (transformed) divine masculine with the divine feminine?

Because Mars, at 28° Sagittarius, happens to be 62° away from the Sun/Moon/Venus conjunction at 0° Scorpio. That’s a close sextile relationship, of harmony, ease. The marriage of the questing (Sagittarius) Mars warrior who guards and protects life with the deep pool of emotional attunement symbolized by Sun/Moon/Venus in Scorpio.

The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, by the way, are not just confined to particular genders of the human body. They are principles, archetypes, they reside in us all, and when allowed and balanced, they combine to fertilize continuous creation.

Usually, however, they are not allowed. Instead, they are perverted, denied, torqued into unimaginable distortions. As did my seven year old son Sean realize, in 1971, when he suddenly turned to me, out of the blue, and stated, in a flat voice not his own: “THE MAN IN YOU HATES THE MOMMY.”

Perhaps you can imagine all the years I have spent learning to heal these two divinities within myself, both separately, and together?

Recently, at a family dinner in Seattle after our Mom died, one of my brother’s in law, in a jocular mood, said to me, “Hey Ann! What’s up? Is there a man in your life? You’d better watch out or you’ll be left without a man for the rest of your life.”

I responded intuitively, and not without humor: “Why should there be a man in my life? I am whole.”

It’s time for each of us to become whole, to integrate these beautiful principles within ourselves. Even the bare thought of that initiation, does it not send shivers up your spine?

Perhaps it’s time for rejoicing, for ceremony?

May this solar eclipse of October 23, 2014 usher us through the gate into our Love.

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