Are we, the people, really going to allow the doctrine of endless war?



Seems hard to believe that we, who are so weary of war, are now being told that it will never be over. We should not be surprised, since this is the only way the American economy is structured to keep on growing. Continuous war prep, on all levels. May that economy collapse, and the sooner the better. For even though it will be hard, even seemingly impossible, we do need to start over; else we will live as though we don’t have war on our consciences; as if our taxes don’t support this endless terrifying opportunity to make money for the fat cats, destroy the lives and livelihood of millions, and ruin planet Earth.

Is our only choice to, suddenly, one day, all of us, just decide not to pay taxes? Not to pay down our mortages? Not to pay our credit card debts? That would bring the whole shebang crashing down. In a heartbeat. The problem is, we don’t trust each other. We don’t trust that if I do it, you will, too. We don’t think we have the spark, the spunk, the imagination, the roaring collective fury that it takes to change everything, right now, no matter the personal cost to our comfort zone, this cushy “American way of life,” which is eroding, but not imploding. Not yet.

Sanders: Real Fear not ISIS, but ‘Perpetual War, Year after Year after Year


Key Democrats, Led by Hillary Clinton, Leave No Doubt that Endless War is Official U.S. Doctrine

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