Another report on Ebola in Liberia has a very different slant.

Re: last video on Ebola as hoax, see this, from Vice TV, which reader Mitch sent me, in an email titled, “The best comprehensive video on ebola.”

Mitch commented:

This is from VICE News, VICE News is not corporately owned, like RT, they’re exclusively web based, with heavy emphasis on sending low profile teams of videographer’s, reporter’s to all kinds of mayham around the world, they have a reputation for their reporter’s, young nerds, to fearlessly go where 99% of media don’t, (they did incredible reporting during Gaza and Ukraine) this is a 30min report from a couple weeks back from Ebola ‘front lines’ in Liberia, still no shots of bodies, go to 23:00min mark, where head doctor tells them not to go into treatment center, listen to what doctor says, very interesting, we never really see people sick with Ebola.

To me, it’s interesting that some of the same clips on the hoax (?)video are on this one too, but slightly longer, giving more context. (And BTW: no particular focus here on the color Lime Green).

We need to remember, however, that whether or not this particular “pandemic” is real or imagined, whether uncontrollable or containable, the globalists benefit from the very idea that it might be. F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) rules us, until we learn to become aware of our own reactive tendencies. In other words, “ebola” can serve as a wake-up call for ongoing awareness.

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3 Responses to Another report on Ebola in Liberia has a very different slant.

  1. laurabruno says:

    I think the “Ebola” “pandemic” is also a wake up call to bolster the immune system in multiple ways, because if not today, then one of these days all their tinkering will probably pay off with a real weaponized virus. Best to have the body in tip top form before then, so that the immune system, as well as the psyche, can recognize and reject what’s not in alignment with our highest good.

  2. Cindy W. says:

    And another response that occurred to me is – after debunking all the stories, we are still left with sick people dying. So what else can we be doing? If you don’t believe that it’s Ebola, then nevertheless wouldn’t you want to contribute to better sanitation, clean water, healthcare training, and the related issues surrounding this outbreak? Just saying it’s a faux crisis is not enough. That’s a First World response. I’m talking to myself in this as well. What am I doing?

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