Seeds of Regeneration in Detroit Take Root and Spread

As Detroit may have been the first city to experience the ravages of our wrenching transition to a post-industrial age, so it is perhaps the first to begin to demonstrate what real resilience looks like.

Via Mitch.

15 Photos that Capture Real Life in the Streets of Detroit Today

Here’s one of the photos with text:


Andrew Harvesting in His Garden, Farnsworth Street, 2012: Andrew, a Detroit Public High School English teacher and his wife, Kinga, live almost entirely off of what their garden produces throughout the year. They cultivate several empty lots in their neighborhood and sell their produce at the Eastern Market Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. The couple lives on a street where many of the residents trade and barter with each other.



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  1. cdancer says:

    They are quite an amazing community. You might want to check out some of their achievements via Yes Magazine

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