James Corbett (and me, A.K.), on the BRICS "New Development Bank"

While I like to think of myself as having an “open mind,” that is, a mind not cemented in by any belief system, a mind not even encumbered by a certain way of approaching “truth,” — those views of myself are poppycock. Of course I have a belief system, the one that says all beliefs are limiting factors. Of course I have particular ways of approaching “truth.” How could I not? Since this limited form called “I” (me, A.K.) occupies one point in infinite space, I do have a “point of view,” i.e., a point from which to view the world around me. And yet that point itself, when approached “from close to,” itself turns into a space, an infinite space, within which anything is possible, anything!

Anything? Well, not really. Not as long as “I” appear to live in this particular material form called “my body.” Because that embodied “I” does seem to have an internal homing system that automatically magnetizes certain views from the infinity of others as interesting and provocative. And yet it is that internal homing system itself which seems to be changing. (Evolving?) (Am I “honing” my homing system?)

What this means in practice: Ever since I started to take the redefininggod and philosophyofmetrics blogs seriously (see this) I’m seeing the usual polarities as set up by the PTB and the alt media (read: “controlled opposition”) as most likely, all part of a “grand plan” to grab the whole world by gradually integrating parts of it through a dialectical approach that utilizes all polarities as processes that eventually synthesize into one centralized governmental/corporate state.

So most stuff that passes for news, since it falls within that spectrum, no longer magnetizes me in the same way.

Setting aside both the likely existence of multidimensionality and the question of ET involvement — for the purposes of this piece I will pretend to ignore both these aspects of “reality” either or both of which twirl all limited “world views” into a kaleidoscope — the larger dialectic in this 3D material world, the one that isn’t talked about, is that between centralization and decentralization. And as long as we’re still living inside the 3D world of duality, that’s the polarity, it seems to me, which needs to be kept uppermost in mind as we assess the relative importance of whatever seems to be going on here on Earth. James Corbett seems to be bumping into the same dialectic between centralization and decentralization: witness the progression of this piece that speaks to the implications of any globalized institution that pretends to serve and save humanity.

brics2014-300x168-1Meet the BRICS “New Development Bank”



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2 Responses to James Corbett (and me, A.K.), on the BRICS "New Development Bank"

  1. bumpercrop says:

    Events are changing so fast, that I get the feeling the world is going mad,even more so than usual. Those of us who are awake, know we can no longer trust the mainstream media, on anything.And of course, since people are turning away from mmm for information, it is only logical that the alternative media would be targeted for infiltration as well. It is easy to speculate when the truth is hard to find, and not forthcoming. We have been lied to so much, so often, and for so long, that it is easy to become cynical.
    It is a sobering reality to even release hopes that the BRICS would be our saviors. I don’t know what the answers are anymore. Going local sounds good, but where I live, it seems that most have no desire whatsoever to engage in this solution. Unfortunately, it will probably take things becoming much worse, until that hope becoming a reality. Odd how our culture worships all things young.
    I am very grateful I am my age. I have deep concerns for the young, and what kind of world they are inheriting. My thoughts about benevolent ET’s, are based on common sense. If you were of an advanced mentality and beingness, would you want to get involved with humans? However, I could see the benefits for a nefarious group of ET’s being interested. This might sound cynical, and I guess it is. I have always felt this was a very strange world, and have never felt at home here. That is the main reason I consciously chose not to bring innocents into this world. I can’t explain it, nor understand it, so how could I explain it to an innocent? Thanks Anne, the adventure continues…

  2. bumpercrop says:

    “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked. “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat, “We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.” “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice. “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.” – Lewis Carroll, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

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