Concerning Ukraine: "Vladimir Putin just does not make mistakes." True?

I’ve been following, at a distance, the Ukraine situation, noting Putin’s masterful moves all along, as I remember his birth chart.



Over the weekend, I posted an Eric Zeusse piece, that I retitled

Are Obama and Putin talking privately?

— which seemed to indicate as much.

Jean Haines has posted all along on what’s going on there, and here’s a post that both references an Eric Zeusse follow-up on the above post, and gives commentary by two people, including “Lady Rada,” who seems to be well worth paying attention to!

It does seem as if Putin has engineered another masterful move, illustrating the power of activated natal Pluto at the Midheaven of his chart. And, with that loaded 12th house — diplomatic Libra Sun, joined with Saturn/Neptune/Mercury in penetrating Scorpio — working out of the limelight and behind the scenes would be second nature to him. And of course that inscrutable Scorpio Ascendant encourages whoever wants to vilify him to project whatever hidden agenda they prefer into their perception and assessment of him.

Actions, in this case, do speak louder than all the words that swirl around Putin’s alleged motives and behavior. I continue to watch what one “most elite of martial artists” demonstrates in this ultra-pugilistic, devious and complicated geopolitical morass that envelops the globe.

Lada Ray: My Latest Intel: Did US Lose in Ukraine? Is Putin the Best Russian Leader? Do People Prefer Conspiracies to Real Truth?, September 21, 2014

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