Upcoming Global Middle East Meditations from "Children of the Sun"

I’m not sure what to make of this non-profit foundation and its upcoming “Middle East Transmissions,” starting September 23, Fall Equinox.

Children of the Sun

In theory, it sounds wonderful, but who knows? Another mind-control program in action? Am I paranoid? Just concerned that our good intentions can be, and sometimes are, hijacked.

On the other hand, synchronized meditations do work.

The Effects of Meditation upon Groups in the World



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4 Responses to Upcoming Global Middle East Meditations from "Children of the Sun"

  1. Zarah says:

    It’s funny, I was wondering the same thing when I read this …
    But here’s a great example of a collective peace meditation.

  2. bumpercrop says:

    Ann, I plan on participating in this global meditation on the Fall Equinox, this Tuesday at 8 PM.
    A few years back I often listened to recorded meditations from the Children of the Sun.
    I found them to be very sweet and genuinely wanting the ascension into peaceful realms.
    I never got deeply involved with them, as during that time I was just starting to awaken and wanted to distance myself from the tendency of the New Age philosophy of ignoring disturbing truths regarding the NWO. But I think their collective hearts are in a good space.
    I also like the idea of healing the virus of hatred that they are presenting, for receiving a healing balm of love. I also like how they are praying over not just people, but air, soil,nature elementals and animals.
    I have always loved gobal/group meditations, having my first experience at the Harmonic Convergence back in 1987. Yes, there is great power when people join minds/hearts in harmony.
    I am not using any recorded messages or adherence to rules. I am participating in my own garden with my beloveds for this global meditation/prayer. Unlike many New Agers, I think it is necessary to be aware of the Archons within that region.
    1. identify the virus
    2. surround the virus
    3 contain the virus
    4. dissolve the virus
    (lancing the boil)
    Followed by as much love, peace and strength as my heart can connect and flow this energy within the gatherings of all participants and feel it reaching all those entities of Gaea, who are open to receive.
    (applying a healing balm on the wound.)
    I am so glad you posted this announcement Ann. Despite my deep concerns over the law of probabilities, I still have great faith in Sophia’s correction.

    • Thanks so much for this, Theresa Joy. Glad to know you’ve been following this site for awhile. For this meditation, I’m going to do the same thing, take myself into the GANG garden which, BTW, seems to be on its way to becoming the most important teacher in my long life. So grateful!

  3. Ann, same here. Love the work the Children of the Sun do. Their guided meditations are wonderful. Am going to be doing this meditation tomorrow night always good to be discerning. Big hugs xx

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