Today's Climate Change March Makes Top Left NYT Headline

Glad to see that the March made the top left headline of today’s New York Times. On the other hand, that may just mean it’s compromised, a part of the controlled opposition . . .

The Hidden Hand of Controlled Opposition

Who knows? If “they” (the .0001%) can hijack our good intentions, we (the 99.9999%) can turn the tables and hijack their selfish intentions. I mean, DUH! Are we victims or creators? CHOOSE.

Me: As I prepare to ride my bike down to today’s local Climate Change Vigil at the courthouse, I’m directing my cantankerous monkey mind to generate a lazer-beam focus to ensure a regenerative future for the whole of life.

New York City Prepares to Host Climate change March

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2 Responses to Today's Climate Change March Makes Top Left NYT Headline

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    I concur with your comment the event has been compromised and not one mention of climate manipulation on KPFA, KQED, or any weather channel. I find it disheartening that even Amy Goodman (DEMOCRACY NOW!) can’t seem to bring herself to lift the curtain and expose the wizard. It always seems to require the alternative media.

    Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California

  2. Rich Buckley says:

    We asked our metaphysical channeler about global warming. “What’s causing global warming? What’s causing it and how is it going to impact us?”

    Her channeled response was: “Global warming is a direct result of the increased energy flowing into earth as the solar system moves into the higher energy belt. This creates more friction of particles. As one can see Neptune has increased in light manifestation in the last 4 years so earth has increased the impacted energy on its sphere and atmosphere. This is having a direct effect on the warming of the planet. The release of burned energy in the form of warmth into the atmosphere as a result of heating and burning of fuel has also contributed although not in the way one might think. It has contributed to gases which rise into the atmosphere, increasing the amount of heat that is transferred from the sun. we have already discussed some of the manifestations of the quickening of energies, increase of energies, impacting earth, increasing and settling out discrepancies and pressures within the earth. It is a very complex mathematical equation including many possibilities but a rising curve of affects upon the earth and its inhabitants. The increase in earthquake frequency will continue. There are misalignment’s that need to be equalized.”

    Pretty deep understanding for a non-scientist.

    Many of us have arrived at a similar conclusion as the channeler, through independent study unmarred by what passes today as institutional rigor and trusted scientific narrative of the modern era. Both approaches have their merits.

    At the base of our national disgrace we call “atmospheric science” as it is currently implemented, our government currently seems unwilling to speak truth when it addresses it’s secretly funded, never ending atmospheric experiments.

    The secrecy surrounding the aircraft fuel additive we all see in the sky almost every day, I am convinced is a result of our atmospheric weaponization programs now spread globally. It is far more important to our health and survival that we work to foster programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at their source as opposed to shielding the planet with a cloudy blanket ostensibly to reflect sun energy while secretly weaponizing our breathable air. The unintended and unknown consequences are beginning to emerge.

    Chemtrailing must first be decommissioned as to its weapons’ applications, before it can be legitimately converted to a clean and non-toxic form of geoengineering. Weaponization of our atmosphere as now practiced, sprays high concentrations of toxic aluminum oxides, barium, and other chemical compounds in order to produce an atmospheric metallic-plasma weapon’s platform capable of carrying and accurately sustaining modern day bullets in the form of deadly beam-energy pulses. Additionally the artificial cloud cover created has unintended consequences never considered by the atmospheric scientists. Last quarter Shasta County Board of Supervisors voted to formally investigate localized secretive aerial spraying, pressured by hundreds of residents adversely effected. Speakers came from around the world to support the Shasta Board of Supervisors into taking their recent courageous precedent setting vote. Like the channeler said, global warming is “a very complex mathematical equation including many possibilities but a rising curve of affects upon the earth and its inhabitants.” In addition to human asset targets these weapons in their various iterations are deployed against any UFO currently not part of the Area 51 un-affirmed-by-the-US Senate-and-therefore-unenforceable, secret alien treaty.

    Today, when an alien off world craft approaches Earth and materializes in our dimension, it is identified as a member of our un-affirmed-and-therefore-unenforceable, secret alien treaty or identified as something other, and either fired upon with energy beam weapons or cautiously allowed into our atmosphere. While serving as a fighter pilot in my youth, I personally witnessed these very UFO craft while flying, as did hundreds of other pilots. The Earth is currently managed as a closed fortress under a secret treaty run by self-appointed powers in the shadows of government.

    Clean air and our Federal Reserve are both directly connected in a grand collusion. Our privately owned Federal Reserve Bank is dominated by foreign owners. It’s the head of a cabal of vast concentrations of immense global wealth. It has no controlling effective oversight. Our foreign policy is kept in a state of constant war for the economic benefit of and by this cabal, of which the majority of members are foreign domiciled. Through interlocking corporate boards of directors of transnational global mega-corporations, plus a concentration of all mainstream media ownership, congressional lobbying, legalized unlimited secret campaign financing, corrupted and compromised courts and congresses at the highest levels, tolerated and facilitated by mainstream religions, entangled with our own confused notions of patriotism, taken together as a whole, we are loosing our country and our world. Our own democratic republic has been subsumed into service of this cabal in a grand collusion. The system is no longer responsive to the people in matters of foreign affairs and global peace. Russia and China are not really our enemies, but Western banking hegemony runs the grand collusion and easily seduces and deceives to make former allies and trade partners appear as enemies. It’s critics are easily dismissed and debunked. The cabal sets goals that are not compatible with peace, your freedoms or your liberties. Let’s change this old status quo.

    Clean Air is thus impossible to achieve in this current convoluted state of concealment of purpose, lies and deceptions. Earth is managed as a war machine at all levels, intent on a cabal driven, winner-take-all, New World Order philosophy. Even ISIS is our own Western fabrication. Factory emission controls regardless of their level of comprehensive effectiveness are negatively offset and dominantly marginalized by secret aerial chemical dumps of vast quantities of toxins for atmospheric weaponization in a spiraling circle dominated by the Federal Reserve banking masters. These masters strive to wage constant wars of hegemonic financial expansion creating demand for their dollars by sustaining the notion of the one “safe haven”, our Western banks. We don’t need these type of bankers to live a happy, healthy, productive loving life. We are taught to believe in, or at least accept this negative cycle at every level, as a form of duty and patriotism. The unacceptable end game for this cabal is 4/5ths human annihilation implemented through a game of ever concentrated fear, death, and war, I win-you lose, top-down controls, seeing the end of liberties and personal freedoms. It’s a cycle of collusion we can peacefully break with inner courage.

    Where can we start in order to break away from the cabal? We can rise above this current state of affairs. We still hold the great gift of free will within us. There are many entry points for us to start a peaceful offense against the great collusion and negative cycle. They are all valid entry points. In the public domain, the entry point that I currently see as the most efficient, is to simply issue US Treasury-direct dollars and call in all Federal Reserve Note Dollars as our US Constitution directs, and as former US Presidents had intended (such as planned with President Kennedy’s Executive Order 11110 for example and President Reagan’s similar project, stopped by President HW Bush).

    By issuing Treasury Direct dollars we de-link from the wanton control of the Federal Reserve. Such a de-linking starts a new virtuous cycle that rapidly cascades positively into all others segments of our lives, globally. The howls of protest will seem deafening as we start to de-link.

    The words of Norman Cousins’ in his book, “The Pathology of Power” seem applicable for our consideration in this brave effort:

    “If there is a conflict between the security of a sovereign state and the security of the human common wealth, the human commonwealth comes first.

    “If there is a conflict between the well being of the nation and the well being of mankind, the well being of mankind comes first.

    “If there is a conflict between the needs of this generation and the needs of later generations, the needs of the later generation comes first.

    “If there is a conflict between the rights of a state and the rights of man, the rights of man comes first. …. The state safeguards it’s existence only as it serves and safeguards the rights of man.

    “If the is a conflict between public edict and private conscience the rights of private conscience comes first…

    “If there is a conflict between the easy drift of prosperity and the ordeal of peace, … the ordeal of peace comes first.”

    It seems as though it is well past the time to face our own inner personal ordeal of peace. De-link from the Federal Reserve. Start the virtuous cycle.

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