WOW! Are chakras the original mind-control implants?

Check out this post. I couldn’t stop reading it all the way through. Perhaps this is what the exciting, highly creative and sovereign ten-day Jupiter/Uranus trine that we’re heading into tonight as we sail through this Fall Equinox is all about. Whew! Yes! Dissolve the chakras and power up our internal heart/solar plexus area, not through any external source but simply from within.

Each of us IS the pulsing center of the entire universe.

The Secret Behind the Chakras


Cross Section of a Chambered Nautilus Seashell Showing Chambers and Fibonacci Sequence


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12 Responses to WOW! Are chakras the original mind-control implants?

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    I think I might have to wait for the YouTube 2-minute training video. I’m lost in there.

  2. gregokulove says:

    This information is unique to only about 10 – 15 percent of humanity. After removing mine I noticed something was not right. That is because the traditional concept of what chakras really are is not complete. Actually they are a two way system of receiving and broadcasting that has been blocked immensley. You must clean the channels out well in addition to spiritual development before you broadcast your information/energy out to be received by the infinite being. It is a system that is for our development and communion with god.

  3. Ines says:

    I don’t have chakras and I can provide a comment on my blog where i Have stated this. Perhaps it’s why the dark doesn’t get to me as they have plenty of reasons to. This is not new to me, I just knew it was the way it was and never questioned it. It’s good to see that people can now start changing their perspectives not because it’s true but because they have freedom to choose.

  4. Was just “discussing” this subject this morning with a cosmic friend whom I respect greatly. Her guides said they aren’t gong away. I’m still not convinced that the chakras can be removed. Humans aren’t the only creatures with chakras. Animal healers know this. So are they “part of the control system, too”?

  5. P.S. I read some of the comments to Laura’s post and connected the dots with previous reading in the last several months. Someone suggested in the comments to dissolve the chakras (rather than remove them) and gave reasons why. Someone else said when he/she removed the chakras, she felt terrible physically, etc. In addition to removing, there are options to shut down, deactivate, and dissolve (with dissolving seeming to be most gentle). This isn’t something to be entered into lightly or quickly (like all in one session)–in my opinion, anyway. I’m going to explore options and conference with my Inner Divine Spirit on the subject.

  6. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    thanks for this, Ann. It was the first I’d heard of this concept/discussion/possibility.

  7. Hafizullah says:

    Folks: The chakras are inherent structures in the human subtle-energy field. You can’t “remove” or “dissolve” them — if that were possible, the person would die very soon. Everyone has them, but at different levels of development and clarity.

    I’m sorry, but this premise is just nonsense. If someone feels something weird around their chakras, it’s a correctable imbalance in their own subtle-energy system, not an influence from an external entity.

  8. Chakras are as important to our spiritual bodies as the physical organs are for the functioning of the physical body.

  9. Bob Bradley says:

    I wrote this after working with a friend…it just came up: I chose to work on the quality of joy. I conjured a dial that I would turn up to increase the level of joy I experienced in my daily life. But the dial was turning relentlessly counter clockwise. So I decided to pull it out of its casing. The word “defenestration” appeared in my mind. (It’s an odd word meaning: the act of throwing someone out a window.) I ripped out all the wires and severed all the cords and left them for junk. It was observed that the extraction occurred in my second chakra. I decided that chakras were an energetic illusion that I could live without. They boxed and stored my past on earth and I willfully rejected this energetic accumulation of antipodes. I then dismantled the machinery that makes up the chakras and filled the empty, black spaces with white light, and later silver and gold lines and spheres of light for protection and enhanced perception. My mid-torso up was seen as silvery white, strong and powerful, but the bottom chakras were dark. I was given the image of a clamshell implying respite, and grit planted in a shell to grow a pearl.
    I was told to relax…breathe….be comforted.
    I imagined handing the shell to a being from another dimension outside time so that in that other dimension the pearl took the necessary length of time to grow but was handed back to me in this dimension only seconds later. I felt no resistance in regard to this exchange.
    When I questioned whether this was real or not I was told that if you believe it, then trust it. I said I didn’t feel any different than before. No, not yet, I was informed. But I looked to my friend like mercury, like a silvery metallic being. Live your life. The shift is going to feel normal. It’s not progress, it’s an unfolding, an allowing. Don’t dismiss the minor details of this unfoldment; admit to yourself what is there. There’s an energy exchange and creation occurring in every moment. Don’t numb yourself to it, don’t push through it. Pushing your energy is the cause of misery. You’re saying I don’t want to be here in this moment; in effect, shutting down, closing off communication between your head and your heart, tensing, creating more stress, withdrawing your energy from the field, impeding blood flow into your belly and sending it into your fists, which tripwires fear and activates your defenses, your paranoia, your quick and easy anger, (it’s so easy to be angry: it’s the go-to emotion and masks fear, confusion and hurt.)
    I was concerned with stored fear and anger. I felt it attached like a lead balloon to my spine, behind me, dragging me down. When I gave it a voice it barked at me, like an angry dog. But when I approached it for a closer look it yelped and retracted into nothing. Fear, confusion, ignorance and death get their power from your refusal to look at them. By ignoring them they blunder about un-chaperoned, allowed to wreak havoc in your unconscious.

  10. tim says:

    interesting, i’m new to feeling energy but can say i have only so far perceived it in the groin chest and head

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