Astrological notes to self: Mars square Neptune, Fall Equinox, and Jupiter trine Uranus

Yesterday, alerted by Eric Francis at planetwaves

The current dominant aspect is Mars square Neptune, which will be exact Sunday shortly before midnight EDT. This can come with a diversity of feelings, including a sense of how one’s strength being sapped, strange physical symptoms with no apparent cause, unfamiliar emotions, burning fear or the sensation of loss of control.

— I realized that this aspect is what was triggering my focus of the past two days on “Who can you trust?”

Who can you trust, and how do you decide?


Who can you trust? Take Two.

For me, the aspect has not resulted in any of what Eric Francis points to above, but rather simply in, once again, my dogged investigations as to how to parse, or draw, or explore, or play with, or see clearly, or foggily, the line between “fiction” and “fact,” “real” and “imaginary,” “info” and “disinfo.” Mars, in Sagittarius now, is driven to seek Truth above all. Neptune, continuing to float through its home sign of Pisces (2012-2026), absorbs and reflects whatever we wish it to! No distinctions, no borders, simply a forever swaying sea of forgetting, moment by moment, that any form is “real,” that anything we want to “pin down” can be.

Mars in the first few degrees of Sagittarius square Neptune at 5° Pisces yields the equation, ultimately, that Truth equals Love, that the Big Picture dissolves into Oneness. There is simply nothing we can “do” about that. We can only “be.’

Okay, so here I am, on Earth, in a human body, dealing with that weird dynamic that links these two supposedly very different concepts/realities, Truth and Love. Trying to “make sense of” it all while “resting within the ocean of compassion.” Both. Constantly. And it’s not just now, when Mars/Neptune triggers this dynamic, but always, due to the fact that for me, Mars and Neptune were sextile each other at my birth and, more difficult by far, Sun (in Sagittarius), plus Venus and Mercury (in Capricorn) were all three square Neptune at my birth. Neptune itself was “at the midheaven,” raining down on just about all my planets, including aspects to Pluto, Saturn and Uranus on the western side of the chart.

AKChartI’m geared for mystery, you might say, for dissolving forms into the boundless, for resting in infinity. And not! That Capricorn doesn’t like it, not one bit! Wants to see things clearly, structure them into clear, regulated forms. The way we’re “supposed to.” Nor does my Taurus Moon like it. Wants to feel secure, grounded, connected to Earth, including my own body! Rather than “float free,” which is my soul’s preference, I know that I came here to dig in. Thus the allure, for me, of permaculture!

And which is why Barbara Marciniak’s advice, to pay attention to your own body’s reactions if you want to discern “truth” both made sense to me and helps me further integrate my own divided self.

As transit Mars left Scorpio for Sagittarius last Sunday and moved to square Neptune this past week, it also, then, crossed over its own natal position (2° Sagittarius) in my chart. Bingo. I wrote those two pieces, puzzled, as usual, by “reality” and what to make of it, or not, and needing to say so once again.

Now, as Mars moves to exactly square Neptune tomorrow, it’s influence os already waning. Why? Because Mars likes to jump the gun, to get ahead of itself. By the time it reaches exactness it’s already “shot its wad” so to speak.

Now another very important aspect looms, Jupiter trine Uranus. Tomorrow, that is, Sunday, September 21, two days prior to the Fall Equinox, transit Jupiter moves to within one degree of transit Uranus, to remain there for the following ten days. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED (Uranus), BIG TIME (Jupiter). And, since both are in fiery signs Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo, I imagine that the unexpected will come in through leaders, perhaps new leaders, rising to the occasion and pronouncing or inviting or initiating changes that, since the aspect is a harmonious trine, may even be for the good of all. That would be a very Jupiterian move, and not just the 99.99% but perhaps even some faction of the .001% would welcome it!

And perhaps these leaders are arising from within the bursting open hearts of many many at once!

Here’s a chart for 11:30 A.M., tomorrow. I set it up for New York City, since that is the site of the People’s Climate March that is receiving so much publicity world wide. (BTW: I just heard that my fair city of Bloomington is sending two, maybe three buses!)

Note that Neptune is at the very bottom of the chart. Our oneness is felt at the root. It undergirds all our efforts, this mystery at the heart of being that has brought us to this point in his-story when we have no choice but to unite, when we are all equal in the face of global, perhaps even solar system, even galactic! — climate change.

Screenshot 2014-09-20 11.18.26


Then, lickety split, two days later, on the 23rd, we arrive at the Fall Equinox, when, as Eric Francis pointed out, the whole world experiences the Sun in the same way. As it crosses the celestial equator to go either north or south to either Winter or Summer, we all, no matter where we live on Earth, experience the Sun at every equinox identically. (That fact that had never occurred to me before. Thank you Eric!)

That this Equinox occurs during the exact ten day period of the Jupiter trine Uranus I find highly significant — not to mention inspiring!

Blessed Be.








two screenshots of charts for equinox and new moon, right on my Neptune!

and Jupiter trine Uranus September 28-29

plus my own chart, how I’ve worked with Mars/Neptune

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