Who can you trust? Take two.


Do you trust the Dalai Lama? Not everyone does. Some see him as controlled by the CIA. See http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2014/09/18/full-article-benjamin-fulford-9-15-14-the-nazionists-are-losing-europe-is-surrendering-japan-is-close-to-revolution/

Note: See this, for Take One.

I’ve just spent a wasted? confusing? enlightening? disgusting? two hours with one “Joseph Chiappalone” via the internet. I had been alerted to him by Bumpercrop, an unusually insightful commenter on this blog who referred me to an interview that he did with Jeff Rense. The interview was over 30 minutes long, so I postponed it.

Then Laura Bruno, who did listen to the interview, after seeing the comment on my site, decided to post it on hers.

“This Artificial Reality Must End” ~ Joseph Chiappalone w/ Jeff Rense 03.15.2013

Since I enjoy what Laura writes so hugely, especially her precise, sweeping “rants” that capture in detail the whole range of nefarious goings-on, I eagerly read her introduction to the audio, and then, while eating lunch (shouldn’t have done that), listened to the interview itself. It left me with an icky, gunky taste in my mouth. If Barbara Marciniak is right, that we need to listen to our bodies to discern the “truth” about the world, then I certainly did. I couldn’t help but do so. Simply, I don’t buy what Joseph Chiappalone says, not even a teensy weensy part of me. I just say NO.

And it’s not that I don’t think all of what he says might be “true,” or I should say, “true” in a certain timeline. On the other hand, recent experiences of my own — the North American Permaculture Convergence and my loving gathering with family upon the death of our mother — not to mention the wondrous two-house plus GANG garden permaculture paradise that six of us are in the midst of creating here in Bloomington with, by the way several stories that I have yet to tell about our recent successful, even pleasurable and victorious interactions with the city government — yes, these experiences, and others (what about my recent plane trips, for example, where, unfailingly, as we leave the plane, fellow passengers helped each other get their bags from the overhead, stay back so that others can leave ahead of them, smile and say hello) — all these have placed me firmly, at least for now, on the “side” of regeneration and resilience. I simply do not think that we are all going to “go up in smoke.”

Or maybe I’m already living in an alternate reality?

Maybe in the one I apparently, some time ago, jumped out of, Chiappalone is right? His predictions of increasing madness and violence leading to an ignominious end by 2019 certainly would meet with the nightmare visions I had as a child, when the idea that “the world will end in my lifetime (through nuclear conflagration)” weighed on me ever since I was two and a half years old, upon hearing the news about Hiroshima on the radio. My “knowledge” of the coming end times ruined my childhood, in the sense that, from then on, I could only pretend to play.

But would I rather my visions be proved correct, or that my intuition and forward reaching now be viable? Obviously the latter. (Or, as above, we are dealing with parallel realities, alternate timelines). On the other hand, I do think Chiappalone is correct, in that whatever we lose in the coming time, is not of value, since we are not our bodies, and, as he says, the most important fear to get over is the fear of “death.”

One of my housemates came back from two weeks away last night and this morning discovered that I had been in Seattle during that same time upon the death of my mother. “Oh,” she murmured, her face falling into sadness, thinking to commiserate with me. “It was good!” I told her, “Mom was 96 years old, time to go.” She still couldn’t seem to get over her initial reaction (was it fear of her own death that gripped her? I think it usually is), so I just said, or rather, I fear, I might have even snapped, “I’m comfortable with death. Don’t you realize that by now?”

I’m afraid I embarrassed her, or at least shocked her. Which is worse?

In any case, I do think Chiappolone is correct, that the fear of death keeps us in check, and able to be controlled by outside forces.

After listening to the Jeff Rense audio, I did some further research on the internet and, on an old “godlikeproductions” site, discovered a set of predictions that Chiappolino made that did not, by any stretch of the imagination, come true.

And I found some shady stuff supposedly associated with him, though who knows whether any of that is real or whether it matters.

And I did read through one of his long posts on rense.com, which I recommend instead of the audio above, since it doesn’t take as long to absorb and you won’t be dealing with his Australian accent.

Terminal Madness of the End Time

I have not read anything else. While I appreciate that he, who apparently claims to be a gnostic, and like John Lash Lamb (one of my heroes), views what is happening here as a result of a cosmic mistake, there’s just something about this man’s language and terminal worldview that my body itself does not accept. And I, like Barbara Marciniak suggests, have indeed “made friends with my body.”


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11 Responses to Who can you trust? Take two.

  1. laurabruno says:

    “Or maybe I’m already living in an alternate reality?” Yes, that’s the point of his talk … or at least what I took from it. 🙂 See the intro to the video:

    The Jeff Rense Program
    March 15th, 2013

    [SNIP] the thought you should be leaving this essay with is that of Joy, for all that is happening is eradication of the putridness from our lives. By the Process of Finality we shall see the end of Evil, the end of its exploitative mechanisms, the end of all the pains, suffering, misery and ignorance that we have been subjected to since spirits were trapped in matter.

    What will follow will truly be a reward for those who have wanted, and sought, Simplicity, Truth and True, Universal, Immutable Love.

    The others who wanted nothing but exploitation, hate, lies and murder can go back to where they belong: to the Hell of their own creation. They will, in time, be transmuted to exist no more. [SNIP]

    • Seems to me he’s assuming material reality will no longer exist here. True? It smells like “Ascension” to me, where people simply want to leave Earth and be done with her!

      • laurabruno says:

        If that’s what he meant, that’s not how I took it. I took it that the old, infected overlay would be destroyed and anything viable (natural) would survive in a better, clearer version … kind of like the Hopi prophecy of specters and unnatural overlays simply fading away. From the link you shared, maybe he did mean all of material reality would be destroyed. I just took it to mean this VERSION of material reality — which, for many of us, has already faded so far away as to have become completely “surreal.”

  2. bumpercrop says:

    Like Chiappalone says, “Take it or leave it”. I think some of the negative takes or shady references have to do with his ex-wife and her shenanigans..
    He predicts that appx 10% of our populace has turned toward the light sufficiently to evolve.
    The rest have had many opportunities to awaken, but have chosen to go along to get along in true robot fashion.
    That is a deliberate choice, in my book.
    Although the argument might be made otherwise.
    I don’t believe for certain that anything we read or hear is true. But I do believe in the law of probabilities. We are facing unprecedented challenges on every level of our existence. Fukushima for one, and I don’t see any major global effort to address the situation. The Gnostics believed that our existence here was a mistake, and that the Yahweh god was evil incarnate. Oddly enough, the book, “Love and Pain” by Thaddeus Golas, also says that life in the world of energy systems, was “as close to a mistake as the Universe would allow.” To me personally, the global future looks bleak. Although for certain there are many beautiful spirits and groups of spirits making daily, valiant efforts to turn things around.I just don’t see enough of a percentage of people supporting or even showing interest in these efforts,let alone starting their own efforts. These beautiful spirits will certainly be lifted to paradise.
    I just think it is a good idea not to let the future catch us off guard. Hope for the best, prepare mentally for the worst, is a good axiom. Although that thinking would definitely be seen as an anathema for the New Age crowd. It is also interesting to note that Joseph Chiappolone was writing about these matters in the 1980’s, when no one was even looking at reality.There is no reason to fear death. Unfortunately, our culture teaches people to fear death and gains from inducing that fear. Thanks for sharing!

  3. And thank you for continuing to share! A good discussion with both you and Laura. And certainly, I do see all the shit that you see, and even so, there is a raging regenerative river surging through my arteries . . . It actually caught me off-guard, my feeling so strongly this way. It grabbed hold of me early this summer, out in the GANG garden, witnessing and participating in the astonishingly complex and harmonious interwoven LIFE that floods in whenever we make space for Nature to flourish. And tell me, is She not more powerful than even our most horrific attempts to destroy her? Though, it’s true, we may not be alive in these bodies to see her come back to wholeness, unless “time” itself is an illusion (is it not?) and she can do it overnight, or in a single season.

  4. It was my suspicion that he DID mean that all of material reality here would be destroyed that made me sniff out more material on and from him.

    • laurabruno says:

      I’ve added our comment stream to my post. I am so far out of “this” reality that your suspicions didn’t even occur to me. LOL, things keep fading away and fading away and the new keeps getting stronger. I hear this from so many people, and it really is like the old, patriarchal, archontic paradigm just keeps exploding out of existence. Of course, the new is also the very, very old and natural, but upgraded. I agree with a lot of what bumpercrop states, though. That has been my experience of the Jahweh god — one reason my second portal door includes the name “Jahweh” on a portal door specifically painted to trigger transmutation. 😉

  5. lou hearnesberger says:

    Hi Ann, I’ve been reading your blog for months, and today you mentioned maybe you’re living in an alternate reality already….don’t feel alone, I too feel I’m in another reality as well! Stuff that used to bother me no longer does and we’ve been told to say out-loud what we want to see happen and not dwell on what’s happening around us. I asked for clear skies with no more chem-trails and since I’ve made that request our area has had NO chem-trails since May 21, 2014 ( asked on May 20). It’s really quite astounding! Anyway, keep up the great work you’re doing. love you

  6. mike0v says:

    Yo, Dr. K!

    Chiappalone is a hack. Not worth listening to. Your heart goes much deeper than his and your reports on permaculture and the returning feeling of brotherhood amongst humanity are spot-on accurate and deeply comforting.

    There ain’t gonna be massive destruction or an “ignominious end by 2019.”

    I’ve probably told you this already, but I’ll mention it again: Earth herself can put a stop to this madness in the wink of an eye. In a split second. There exists, right here and right now, an override mechanism which, if activated, would annihilate the dark forces instantaneously and return our global community to a peaceful existence.

    Any reasonable and logical person should be able to understand that our dear blue Terra would possess such a mechanism. It would be ludicrous for a planetary consciousness to NOT have the means to stop widespread lunacy on her surface and underground.

    This truth is not discussed very often in the spiritual community. Earth herself is far, far more powerful than any ET races, interdimensional beings, corrupted humans, misused advanced technology or any other harmful device that might be directed at her.

    Only Heaven and the angels possess more power than she does. It’s just that simple.

    So, when we hear prognostications of planetary destruction, it’s just more smelly flatulence coming from blowhards who know nothing.

    The bottom line is that only Earth herself can allow massive destruction and you know what? This time, she ain’t gonna let it happen. Trust me. Some of us know… 😉

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