Who can you trust? And how do you decide?

Marciniak suggests that we “make friends with our bodies” and “use them as dowsing rods” to discern truth from falsehood. Mind control programs, bribery and blackmail, all are used to corrupt people who, when they began life, could be trusted. The difficulties of being a trusting person in a sea of manipulation, control and deceit, some of which is VERY difficult to discern.

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  1. bumpercrop says:

    Ann, For the past year I have really delved into Gnosticism. Much of the writings that we have of the Gnostics, were destroyed by the Christians. We have Gnostic knowledge illuminated through Christian apologist’s writings to discredit Gnosticism. John Lamb Lash’s book, “Not In His Image” and his interviews/videos helped me learn, plus all the info I have read in the past.
    All of the knowledge I have gained from the above, has prepared me for the work of Joseph Chiappalone, a Gnostic. I immediately resonated with the message. It makes sense to me. It has also brought a sense of peace, hard to find in these days. Interesting that Joseph Chiappalone was doing interviews on Rense 20 years ago, and all his predictions are unfolding. The message harkens back to something you were saying some time ago, about preparing for the possible end. You might want to give this a listen, and if your dousing rod rings true, he has a web site, and several videos on YouTube.

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