Tom Engelhardt, discussion of geopolitical concentration AND fragmentation —

— clearly and sweepingly illustrates the contradiction between Uranus (fragmentation) and Pluto (concentration) that increasingly torques our world into something that no one can fully understand and/or control. The rare planetary alignment Uranus square Pluto (2012-2015) marks the epicenter of this cauldron of centripetal and centrifugal energies, with both thrusts vying for dominance, and seemingly, so far, canceling each other out. His pointing to explosive nuclear power as the quintessential image of intense concentration of power (Pluto) with capacity for intense fragmentation into a million bits and pieces (Uranus) serves as both metaphor and theme — not to mention ongoing tense, hi-alert, emergency warning status since 1945. I think it’s “safe” (concentration) to say that we’ve all been put “permanently on edge” (fragmentation) by nuclear power. No wonder there are two CVS stores near me where we can mainline pharmaceuticals. Unless we are very very aware AND practice some kind of discipined meditation, we’re either bonkers or medicated. Guaranteed. Thanks a lot, boys! with your damned, stupid, destructive, world-ending toys! Are you happy now? Is your penis long enough, hard enough? Did you win?

Engelhardt: The Great Concentration or The Great Fragmentation


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