Let's reinvent the concept of "home"

This reminds me of the experiment that we’re initiating here, in our little two-home urban farmstead as one hub of the forming Green Acres Neighborhood Ecovillage. And BTW: I promised forgot to take a picture of the six of us, four twenty-somethings and two crones, sitting on my screened in porch Sunday evening, talking past dark. But then I forgot! Soon!


The porch. Note the beer bottle hiding at the end of the chaise lounge, on the floor. Mine I think, from Sunday evening’s first two-house meeting. We had dragged in a few more chairs, and kept the ceiling fan on so it wasn’t too hot.

The big difference between what we’re doing here and what shareable‘s experiments in “Coliving Networks” are doing, is that we’re decidedly, and deliberately, intergenerational. As Rebecca (sister Crone) remarked, Sunday evening, “That’s the way people used to live together, all the generations under one roof.” And as Kiryssa, the newest member of our two-household who slid in just two days earlier put it, “I just got back from three years in Peru, where I lived in mountain villages with host families, all multigenerational.”

There’s a richness of experience to be shared from the old ones to the young ones; and an equal richness of unbridled energy from the young ones to the old. We are all grateful.

6 Co-Living Networks: Reinventing Home


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