David Swanson, on War — and what about ET and War?

Unknown-4Every time I read a new essay by peace activist and scholar David Swanson, see


I learn something. Something new about war. I didn’t think there was anything new that I could learn about war. After all, war has been the one phenomenon about human life on earth that has dumbfounded and freaked me out ever since I was a small child. Why war? I’d ask myself, not daring to bring it up with adults, and certainly not with other, doll-playing, cowboys-and-indians playing kids.

I’d ask myself how come religion and god are used to make wars? Huh? Isn’t god love? And how come all my friends who aren’t Catholic are going to hell when they die? And especially, how come ideas about anything get so much power over what happens? How come? How come? I just didn’t grok it, and I still don’t. So I didn’t think there was anything new I could learn about war. And yet, there is.

David Swanson helps me dive even deeper into how the concept, imagination, and reality of “war” is officially and unofficially nested within our miasmic collective unconscious; how it corrupts our language and our souls in ways we don’t even realize. Here’s his new piece, today, in washingtonsblog.

Losing Losers and the Pentagon that Hires them

His subject is the Vietnam War. Excerpt:

Of course, the views of the losers tend to obscure as much as to reveal. The war had to end. The people fighting for their homes had to prevail, sooner or later, over the people fighting for the fact that they’d already been fighting and couldn’t face the shame of stopping. But Last Days in Vietnam shows the Americans watching the rushed evacuation from home, the Americans who had earlier “served” in Vietnam. And they believed all their efforts had “come to nothing.”

Nothing? Nothing? Four million men, women, and children slaughtered. The U.S. society calls that nothing. The Germans are expected to know how many millions their government killed. The Japanese are required to study the past sins of Japan. But the United States is supposed to gaze at its navel, glorify its sinners, and pretend that its defeats are neutral, indifferent, nothingness. Try telling that story about Afghanistan or Iraq or Gaza, I dare you.


I wonder what David Swanson would say about the possible ET connection to war on earth. A connection which offers its own kind of fiendish complexity.

Meanwhile, I saw a notice today that some infernal new weapon was destroyed on takeoff in Alaska.

US military destroys hypersonic weapon after aircraft problem detected.

Hmmm. I wonder whether its controllers destroyed it (as Reuters portrays it) or whether the ETs decided to take it out. I know they’ve done this kind of thing. See the book Robert Hastings, UFOs and Nukes.

Oh, and BTW: if you recall, in the interview that Kerry Cassidy did with Simon Parkes, he clearly says that the reason war-making Israel is off-limits to criticism is because it’s the only nation that has the backing of some kind of ET race that is more powerful than all the others. True?

Which layer of illusion do we prefer to live in?





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5 Responses to David Swanson, on War — and what about ET and War?

  1. Because it’s the only nation that has the backing of some kind of ET race that is more powerful than all the others. True?
    NO IT IS GAME OVER http://apollosolaris.com/2014/02/06/cometa-ison-evenimentul-adevarul-despre-ele-comet-ison-the-event-the-truth-about-it/comment-page-1/#comment-5509

  2. bumpercrop says:

    Ann, Like you I have always been stunned that we as a species, still engage in such open barbarity and ruthless aggression. Religion of the western kind needs to be seriously observed in perpetuating this aggressive victim-abuser, war mentality..
    Jews and Christians, and Muslims as well. worship a pantheon god of war.
    The Old Testament is thick with war, and every conceivable negative, testosterone based, vile concept that could be imagined. This religion was forced on Europe, and consequently forced on the Americas.
    When I was a child, I asked why there were so many wars in the Bible. I was told it was a sin to question god. When I pressed further, I was told that “God was mean until Jesus came along”.
    This angry, jealous, manipulative, man-made god, Yahweh-Jehovah, has crept into human consciousness and we can observe the results in our history. Jew-Christian-Islam religion
    is a religious mind-control program inserted into the human “need to understand why one exists, and fear of death” template for humanity, at large.
    I am coming to understand that even given this destructive template based on exclusivity and
    master race theology, that there is something more to it all.
    Those who continue to orchestrate harm against nature and all that is natural, appear too psychopathic even for the most deranged of humans. I am inclined to believe there is an alien presence amongst us.
    It is an odd place to find oneself. Between the humans who still walk in the unawakened archontic sleep of manipulated, cultural zombism and the growing awareness that perhaps the reptoids are real.
    I will continue to love and honor nature, and all of her genuine creation, until I leave this strange,and peculiar local reality.

  3. Lisa says:

    Listen to any YouTube lecture available with Howard Zinn, a personal hero, and a man who deserves to be recognized in our culture as a national treasure and hero. Zinn spoke publicly for years about war, wrote about it and was arrested many times during the Viet nam era for protesting the war. He was a veteran of the “good war,” WWII? He wrote, ” A People’s History of the United States.”
    Take home point: no one listened to him and no one listens now bc we have no memory for history. If we did, no one would fall for the lame excuses, lies, etc the PTW tell us to trick us into it.

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