James Corbett: Weekend Open Thread — and comment section!

This is the very first time I have read all the way through a really long comment section. And I found it extraordinary. Especially the commentary by “Algorithm of Consciousness,” and to a lesser extent, that of “Urushan.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised, since these are folks who follow the always inimitable Corbett, an “Open Thread” where he encourages such discussion.

Really thrilled with Algorithm of Consciousness, the way he parses events, and possible connections among them while keeping an open mind. Unusually articulate as well. Reading through first the report and then this comment thread made me feel, for at least a short time, that I had managed to get some kind of actual (though of course, fleeting and ephemeral) overview (and underview, and analysis) of the various “stories” the MSM feeds us and our questions about them: Ukraine, Iraq, ISIS, Israel, Ferguson, Ebola, Gaza, FL 17, Hagel, Obama, Putin, — who might be motivated by what and why; whether or not there is really somebody at the top of the pyramid calling all the shots, plus how “they” might be playing us in various ways. All sorts of stuff that I have been thinking about but rarely with in detail and with such verve.

Indeed, it feels like I have just completed a very full and rich meal.

Here’s the Report, but don’t stop there. Do join me in reading through the entire comment section, at least this once! At least 90% of it is, at least to me, of unusual value.


Weekend Open Thread

August 23, 2014

mccainterrorby James Corbett

corbettreport.com, via Rose

The media and the government are falling all over themselves to promote the latest ISIS (false flag) terror hype. First there was General Dempsey telling us that ISIS has an ‘End-Of-Days Strategic Vision’ and Hagel proclaiming ‘ISIS Beyond Anything We’ve Seen.’ Then Senator Inhofe told us they have a plan to “Blow Up An American City.” Now WGN seems to have identified that city as Chicago. All of this despite the fact that, lest we forget, John McCain has been photographed meeting with the ISIS/ISIL/IS leader and one of their main terrorists in Syria (pictured right). Is the next false flag event taking shape?

Meanwhile in Eastern Europe, NATO and the Ukrainian government are now telling us that Russia’s humanitarian convoy, which they attempted to stop at the border, now constitutes aninvasion of Ukraine. Is this going to be the justification for NATO intervention?

Ferguson continues to boil over as protestors gather at the White House for a “day of rage.”

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