Making Do: The Whole Buffalo Theory of Economics

You know the drill. Boil the carcass of every roasted chicken for soup, etc. Years ago, I discovered that one chicken gives one person at least two weeks of food. And when I don’t want to boil the bones right now I freeze them for later, along with the vegetable scraps that I don’t compost.

We can approach so much of life with this intention, to utilize everything to the max, repurposing wildly, and not just with food. For example, we used sledgehammered chunks of the old basketball court in my back yard to line the pond in the GANG garden. “Urbanite,” it’s called.

Life becomes more interesting, the more creativity we allow ourselves to “make do” with what we have, rather than pining away for what we don’t.

Austerity Diaries — The Whole Buffalo Theory of Food Economics


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