WOW! A Miracle, just now, this evening, HERE!

I know that title sounds dramatic. But wait until you know what happened. And don’t you ever let anybody tell you this Life on Earth isn’t utterly and totally magical.

For months now I’ve been searching for the one hard copy that I knew I had, of A Soul’s Journey, the story of my first 30 years of life, my first Saturn cycle. A spiritual autobiography, this manuscript is one-of-a-kind, and though I wrote it back when I was in the middle of my second cycle of Saturn, in 1985, it’s only ready to be published now. I knew I was supposed to publish it now. Or at least I thought so. But I couldn’t find it. Not on my computer, and no hard copy either. I ransacked my files and boxes, both upstairs and in the basement. I freaked out. Finally, I did find one version of it on a DVD, some kind of photographed version of the only hard copy I have (or had), that my friend Julie had done for me at IU years ago. However, that copy corrupted the print in places.

For about a month I sat down every day and retyped it from that corrupted photographed version. Which meant that I wasn’t sure about all of it. I still desperately wanted the hard copy.

In early May I published the initial sections of the retyped manuscript here:

A Soul’s Journey: Preface and Initial Scene

Meanwhile, life went on. In July I was up at the Oakwood Retreat Center, and amazingly enough, met exactly the person who I think should edit this manuscript. Besides being a professional editor, he understands the project (a blow-by-blow, nearly clinical, account of one young person in the ’60s “changing her mind” told from an inner/outer perspective. I have literally never seen anything like it in my life). Of course I wanted to send him a hard copy of the entire thing first, so he can get an overview before looking at it in detail.

He was having computer problems, and told me he’d be up and running about now. So I’ve been thinking about that damn manuscript again, the original one, still furious that I haven’t been able to locate it to send to him. But I had given up.

Okay. Fast forward to this evening, and what I would call MY “Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio” event. (For the past week warlike Mars has been moving to conjunct Saturn, both in Scorpio, the deepest of subterranean signs, to be exact on Monday, August 26. However, with Mars, the most potent time is always ahead of the exact date, since it is the nature of Mars to race ahead, or, in Scorpio, to try to run, through dark, turgid water . . .).

In this case, Saturn in Scorpio: something hidden, deep down. Mars triggers it, brings what was hidden to the surface!

Okay, this evening, I was sitting here at my computer when Rebecca entered the room. “Look what I found!” She hands me a box. She looked startled. She had been cleaning the DeKist garage, in preparation for our neighborhood yard sale event coming up. The box had appeared, “right on top of my stuff”! — she said, puzzled.

We went over there. I took a picture. Asked her to point at the place where the box had balanced, precariously in this old mildew-filled garage, looking not at all mildewed itself, as if it had been placed there, fresh, a very short while ago. Nobody else has access to this garage. It is locked.


Of course, you already know what was in the box. It appeared like this:


Underneath my box of colored pencils, voila!


She had had no idea of what I was going through with this manuscript. The writing and scholarly aspect of me is not part of our partnership. You can imagine how excited I was; how I jumped up and down, screaming my joy! You can imagine how pleased she was to see me so wildly happy, and so surprised, even shocked! She was surprised too, because of how it appeared there, precariously balanced on top of the black bag.

I told her of how Jeff, my late husband, sometimes does this, hides stuff, or finds it for me. How there are times when there is seemingly no other explanation. However, I said, this time, maybe it wasn’t him, because he died in 2003, and it’s been a long time since he played 3-D tricks. So maybe somebody else in the spirit world did it? In any case, to me it felt like a confirmation. YES. Time to get this manuscript into the world.

I went back into my room. Then, I remembered. OMMIGODDESS! IT’S AUGUST 22, JEFF’S BIRTHDAY.



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13 Responses to WOW! A Miracle, just now, this evening, HERE!

  1. Cnawan Fahey says:


  2. bumpercrop says:

    That was a beautiful thing! very reaffirming! and oddly syncronistic, yes indeed, Jeff was
    moving through the energies.

  3. I love this story Ann…..

  4. LOL! Not that you need my “cosmic, awake and aware” confirmation, but I got strong tingles of confirmation that Jeff did it! LOL! Love this!

  5. Colleen Conifer says:

    So happy it came back to you Ann. It was like losing a part of yourself. I love hearing about these small miracles that reaffirm there’s a lot more going on than we can explain with our rational minds.

    • I was hoping you’d see it. It approaches your level of magic . . . Or, I should say, Jeff does. Left me high as a kite for the next 24 hours. He’s here! He’s back! And he’s helping us.

      • laurabruno says:

        Yay! Yes, indeed. And what a potent string of dates in our lives. 8/22: Jeff’s birthday. 8/23: my ex’s birthday. 8/24 my parents’ wedding anniversary and the date I met my ex. 8/25: the day I met David in person on what happened to be his “galactic birthday” in 2010. Wild times… 🙂 Here’s to magic and miracles from beyond!

  6. laurabruno says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    I love this story from Ann. 🙂

  7. I love these types of stories. Gave me chills. So glad Ann has it back

  8. Sunny says:

    I’m reading The Afterlife of Billy Fingers and Jeff’s presence fits right in with the book’s story of life after life; love it. Thanks for sharing this Ann.

  9. hyavision11 says:

    I love this story. Thank you for sharing it. I was listening to a video on You Tube named “You’ll Receive a Miracle Today”, in the middle of it, I decided to go check my e-mail box and the top e-mail was your post through Laura Bruno. I felt like I am really going to receive a miracle, but that in itself was a miracle.
    Happy Birthday, Jeff! 🙂 <#

  10. nikholas101 says:

    We are in a magic world. yes.

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