Crop Circle Harvest, 2014

As this crop circle season winds down, once again we ask, who is making them and why and what do they mean? Like rorschach blots, they sometimes seem to reflect the eye of the beholder. Some seem crude, most likely human-made, others not. Most designs look like they could be computer-generated. Human-made does not necessarily equal “fake.” It may be that some humans and otherworldly or interdimensional beings are cooperating to make them. It may be that humans who do “fakes” evolve, and then graduate to become apprentices to ETs! Like it’s some kind of advanced course in landscape design?

Who knows? In any case, the whole crop circle phenomenon continues to be undeniably interesting, a possible portal, gateway, or bridge to worlds and dimensions beyond; at the very least, this glorious ongoing annual summer display helps us recognize just how mysterious is this supposedly “nuts and bolts” world in which we reside.

Want to research crop circles? Then pay attention to the work of Sir Colin Andrews, who coined the term “crop circle” and has evolved a most unusual and very sophisticated understanding of them.

2014 Crop Circle Gallery

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(001C) winchester_hampshire_UK_6june

June 6, Hampshire UK-
Spiral with Morse Code message?
“No More War” **

More, many more!

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2 Responses to Crop Circle Harvest, 2014

  1. Cnawan Fahey says:

    Hi Ann, just a note to let you know that this post resulted in an interesting synchronicity for me, which I wrote about today. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. Fascinating post ā€” and yes, synchronicity. Thanks, Cnawan!

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