Bioneers Free Webcast, Tomorrow August 22: Resilient Communities, Resilient Food Systems

If you wonder about the meaning of the word “resilient,” now that the word “sustainable,” and decades before that the word “natural” (I know, I was there; back in the late ’60s using the then unusual word “natural” as a philosophy graduate student to contrast it with the mechanistic scientific world-view), have both been been pretty much co-opted by the mainstream, here’s a screenshot:


Here’s a wonderful url devoted to the topic:

Free Webcast:
Resilient Communities, Resilient Food Systems

Friday, August 22, 11am Pacific | Register Now »

In the face of increasing economic, political and climatic crises, people across the globe are working to create resilience at the local and regional level. Creating increased self-reliance in relation to our food supply is a critical first step.

Come learn effective strategies for developing personal and community food security on a free webcast with two young dynamic leaders: permaculturist Trathen Heckman of Daily Acts, and filmmaker-farmer Severine vT Fleming of Greenhorns, hosted by Arty Mangan of Bioneers.

More About the Featured Speakers

Trathen HeckmanTrathen Heckman, founder of Daily Acts, whose guiding ethic is “every choice matters,” organizes, teaches and inspires thousands of actions in Sonoma County and beyond that are converting homes and public spaces into food forests that dramatically lower water use while growing significant amounts of food.

Severine vT FlemingSeverine vT Fleming, filmmaker, farmer, and the leading national organizer of young farmers, is helping guide a new culture of farming through working networks, resource sharing, creative collaboration and policy advocacy.

While this webcast is offered at no charge, you do need to register to reserve your spot and receive further instructions to participate.

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