Re: NAPC: I'm so glad Laura Bruno decided to make her private decision public . . .

sunnies-and-me-1The above title must sound like gobbeldy gook, eh?

NAPC is the North American Permaculture Convergence, which I was (and am) scheduled to attend August 29-31, with a group tour of permaculture sites in the upper midwest afterwards. Laura and I had planned to go together. Then her Sunflower Saga started, and ramped up, and up, and up . . .

The Sunflower Saga, Synchronicity, and the NAPC

And yes, as per her post, today is August 20th, the day we had originally agreed to check in with one another about the trip. I’m still going, and indeed am looking forward to it. However, given her caution, I’m also looking closely at the Ebola situation and how they’re trying to ramp it up to martial law in this country.

As ever, I remain poised, to shift even well-made plans, to pivot in place. Open to the heavens, grounded to Earth, I aim to be a clear channel for the Love that powers the universe as it radiates through the heart.


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