Perspectives on Ferguson

Jeff Robertson/AP photo

Jeff Robertson/AP photo

I mean, I coulda picked Ukraine, or ISIL, or Iraq, Ebola, or deep drought or flooding, or Gaza/Israel, on and on, no end to the developing horrors on this day when Mars closes in on Saturn in Scorpio. But somehow, the Ferguson freak-out show has captured the world’s attention right now. Or maybe it was meant to? Is this drama yet another staged false flag? Or is it that “they” come in and amp up whatever happens on the ground, funnel it in a direction that will benefit “them,” usually in multiple ways. Here, for example: FEAR OF THE BLACKS, FEAR OF THE OTHER, FEAR OF THE POLICE, FEAR OF CHAOS, NEED FOR ORDER, MARTIAL LAW, ETC. ETC. The usual “Problem, Reaction, Solution” to gradually ratchet up the controls of centralized state power.

Or maybe it isn’t a false flag, because other countries not so “exceptional” as the U.S. still claims to be are certainly having a field day.

The World Comments on Ferguson

. . . starts out like this (bold):

You know you’ve lost the plot when Egypt, Iran, China and the United Nations all feel so comfortable they have the moral high ground that they publicly chastise the U.S. about events in Ferguson.

And then there’s the Gaza folks, who tweet advice to folks in Ferguson on how to deal with the militarized violence.

Protestors say Ferguson feels like Gaza, Palestinians tweet back advice

And then there are the historical reflections this ongoing agony inspires. Remembrance of Civil Rights Days and Martin Luther King,

In Ferguson, the violence of the state created the violence of the street

of the still yawning economic gap between white people and black people,

Why so much anger in Ferguson? Ten facts about the massive gap between White America and Black America

of the huge percentage of young black men imprisoned ever since Civil Rights days,

in short, fully 50 years later, of America’s still rampant racism.

Institutional Racism in Ferguson?

Unfortunately, I can’t find the photo that I saw this morning of an elder female protestor holding up a mirror to a militarized policeman (what did he see? was he shocked?), but there are plenty of stories that talk about Ferguson as holding up a mirror to America. For example:

Ferguson holds up a mirror to America’s militarized society, where dissent is a threat and police are above the law

— which brings me to the main point of this post, the part about Ferguson that does feel new, and that is the massive attention now bring brought to the militarization of the police in this country. The alternative press has been on this story for years, but not the MSM. I guess it took two MSM reporters getting roughed up and arrested in a MacDonalds for that news to hit home.

There are lots of stories now, on the history of this insidious militarization, starting back in the late 1960s, when the storied Uranus/Pluto conjunction revved up the revolutionary energy in this country. And now, during the next crucial Uranus/Pluto aspect (the 90° “square”: 2012-2015), this insidious clanking militarization is finally, finally, finally! front and center. Check out “comedian” John Oliver’s delicious story.

Of course, it turns out that those congressmen who support the militarization of police get more money, gobs more . . .


Here’s a list from The Nation of just what weapons and other military gadgets America’s militarized police force is now using.

A Former Marine Explains All the Weapons of War being used by Police in Ferguson

BTW: Apparently last night, the situation eased somewhat. From yahoonews:

“The protests were more subdued Tuesday night, with smaller crowds, fewer confrontations and no tear gas. Police said they still made 47 arrests, but mainly of people who defied orders to disperse. Tensions rose briefly when someone hurled a bottle at officers, but there were no reports gunfire or the clashes that had marked previous nights.”






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  1. laurabruno says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    This is an excellent compilation of perspectives on Ferguson, gathered by Ann. I highly, highly recommend the John Oliver video. Language warning, but he is so right on.

  2. Thank you, Ann. As LB says, your post is excellent. Of course it is a false flag. Something was needed to take Ukraine and Gaza out of the headlines. Here it is. G

  3. >>The alternative press has been on this story for years, but not the MSM. I guess it took two MSM reporters getting roughed up and arrested in a MacDonalds for that news to hit home. <<

    This is precisely why I feel that it is not a genuine issue, because the MSM all over the world has the same talking points about a militarized police force. When they do this, they are playing the people and setting them up for something; exactly what they are setting up for I do not understand yet though. Freedom within the MSM press has been gone for quite some time, they are fed what to say from a single source…if that single source is saying "militarized police force talking points" — be wary.

    Lots of Love! xoxo

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