Astrology: Birth and Death of Robin Williams

RobimWilliams1974MimeCentralParkGiven that he could instantly become anyone else in the whole world —

My Two Meetings with Robin

— given that brilliant, manic, kaleidoscopic energy that exhilarated and exhausted everyone else, are we surprised that this everyman’s astrological chart (source Astrodienst)

Screenshot 2014-08-19 08.31.54 featured water as its dominant tone (Sun Cancer, Moon Pisces, Ascendant Scorpio), and that his chart featured Mars/Uranus, also in Cancer, tightly conjunct, in a tense, volatile T-cross with Neptune and Jupiter? Yep! What we now call “ADD” — to the max! And yet, and yet. Scorpio Ascendant. Deep, penetrating, hidden. Plus, at the Midheaven, where the world’s spotlight mercilessly beat down on him for most of his life, stood Mercury and Pluto, in Leo, in another tight conjunction. His mind, that deep and penetrating (Pluto) mind (Mercury) simply couldn’t shoulder the burden of lifting up a suffering world any longer.

On August 11, 2014 when the transits of both Mercury and the Sun together conjuncted and illuminated that original Mercury/Pluto/Midheaven conjunction, and when the transit of Mars, at 8° Scorpio, at the rate of one degree every two days, was closing in on his 12° Scorpio Ascendant, he severed his connection with the body, showing us, once and for all, the terrible deep sorrow that underlay even his most brilliant of comic “acts” that showcased all our tiniest behavioral and psychological, soul-driven nuances, the whole suffering panoply of humanity’s continuous attempts to make it all better, pretend that nothing is wrong, just keep on keepin’ on.

Thank you Robin, for your dark/light angelic presence, you who held a precise, yet gentle mirror up to all of us, these 63 years.






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