Two apparently channeled messages resonate for me today.


Montague’s message for Sunday August 17, 2014

with this:

“Robes” excerpt #1 – World War III

P.S. Don’t let the phrase World War III scare you. This is not fear porn, this is a new way of conceiving what world-wide struggle looks like in a world that has not yet learned that we need to trust each other and work together as we surrender to the overflowing abundance that naturally lives and breathes just under our feet.

Speaking of which: while introducing a new neighbor Heather to the GANG garden this afternoon, first Monte (five years old) knocked at the door. He wanted to “work” in the garden, and said he would pull grass from the beds. Then, on our way to introduce Heather to her close neighbor, and my chief compatriot in all things neighborly, Georgia, we were met on the street by an long-time neighbor whom I have never met. He had brought five visitors to see the garden. One of them worked in Kenya, where, he said,

new moundwhat we call our small, new African Hugelkultur beds (hugelkulture beds with center holes for composting kitchen scraps: notice straw-covered mound filled with wood chips)) were everywhere!

Green Acres Neighborhood is just about to launch a neighborhood-wide garage sale, hopefully the weekend of September 6-7. And the best thing about it? It was not, I repeat, NOT, on my initiative. YES!


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  1. Cindy W. says:

    just read in Mark Boyle’s Moneyless Manifesto that “my physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health increased as the role of high technology in my life decreased and the degree to which my life was localised increased.” But you may have to have experienced both to recognize this. That said, I know people who can’t read a DeLorme Gazetteer for Indiana – they just HAVE to have their Garmin nuvi (top of the line of course) find a place for them – if it can (when I’m with them, they usually shut it off and say “you know how to find the [local] place better anyway).”

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