Family Matters (Most!): Son Sean and grandkids Kiera and Drew visit — plus critical astrology dates NOW

Just for the record, I’m going to be mostly off my computer during the next week or so. Sean and kids arrived last night from Massachusetts. This morning I fixed us all a real breakfast, I mean the kind Mom used to serve when I was a kid, eggs, bacon, wheat bread, plus my favorite now, fresh pineapple. . . I knew Sean, Colin and the kids would appreciate this kind of meal even though, except for the eggs and pineapple, I left it behind long ago.


Afterwards, Kiera hatched a diabolical plot in mind to coerce Shadow into jumping over not one, but two poles, the second one higher, by offering him treats.

initial set up jump

But Shadow just flew under the second one, of course. Why go over something you can go under?

So she made the challenge fool-proof. No going under and no weaseling around. No way for him to encounter the jump but by going over.

second set up

Okay, okay, I’ll do it.

okay okay

Meanwhile, after breakfast, Colin pulled out his Show and Tell for Sean and the kids. The Garden Tower Gen.2, promotional materials, to be on display at a huge trade show in Chicago later this month, anticipating orders for the new manufactured version of the Garden Tower Project.

show and tell

new tower

mapAbove: where the towers have gone so far in the U.S. and southern Canada. BTW: Notice Colin’s hands. Those hands made every single one of the first hundred or so by themselves, working at top speed, to get out the towers promised to supporters of the kickstarter project when they asked for $30K and got $90K instead. You can imagine just how much work went into getting those orders out, not exactly on time, but not too far in arrears, either.

Meanwhile, this week our little family will once again go zip-lining, and other fun stuff, including a two day and night visit to the Oakwood Retreat Center mid-week where I will give a talk on the Uranus/Pluto transit (2011-2015) in astrology. More on that later.

And meanwhile again, in case you didn’t realize it, this has been a huge Full Moon today, at 17° Leo/Aquarius, exactly square the placement of Saturn at 17° Scorpio. Meanwhile, transit Mars, now at 8° Scorpio, will be heading right into this T-cross formation now imprinted into the collective, by crossing directly over Saturn and triggering it, between about the 20th and 28th of this month. Goddess only knows how. It’s bound to be intense, and warlike, powerful, deep, and serious, and hopefully, the human race will use this extended crisis to finally wake up, en masse, to the occult perfidy that has been “ruling” (Leo) us (Aquarius) for millennia.

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5 Responses to Family Matters (Most!): Son Sean and grandkids Kiera and Drew visit — plus critical astrology dates NOW

  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    I WANT ONE OF THOSE TOWERS. Actually, I intend to send one as a gift to a friend in Seattle who is moving to a smaller place.

  2. rose day says:

    Ann, I purchased my garden tower this past year…a year that has seen very challenging weather patterns which the tower has weathered beautifully…love it!

  3. laurabruno says:

    I love my Garden Tower, too. Of all the things in our diverse yard, the Garden Tower’s the one that draws the most attention. People are fascinated by it. So glad this will be even more available with the manufacturing. Have a wonderful visit with your family!

  4. Susan McElroy says:

    I am so very pleased for Collin’s Garden Tower success!!

  5. Joan Bird says:

    Enjoyed hearing about sweet time with family. I think Max and I need a Garden Tower too. How very cool.
    Incidentally, I used to challenge my Shetland Sheepdog with a backyard steeplechase course, only I made him go over 3′ jumps when I was about Kiera’s age (I really wanted a horse.) He also pulled me on roller skates and I dragged him up and down playground slides. Until he got to like it enough to go up on his own. I’m sure Shadow loved the games.

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