We CAN (and Must!) Free our Minds from the Matrix

The article that follows is a good descriptive overview of the accelerating horrific global drama we are immersed in, and its effects on consciousness. For me, the key is to neutralize the drama by taking charge of my own mind. This inner activity generates a center of concentric awareness that spreads and links to others who are doing the same. I sense that with enough of us working on ourselves, we can together change the frequency field that this world is immersed in.

How? It’s actually quite simple, though fiendishly difficult, because the squirrley monkey mind is churning churning churning in the dense, gunked up, often trumped up, hysterical theatrics of the matrix.

Here’s my ongoing practice: to notice every thought, ideally just as it arises, but more likely, after it has already invaded the brain and triggered some kind of a charged emotional fear-based reaction of either aversion or desire. Decades ago, I discovered that the very act of noticing any thought allows it to blink out, which in turn dissipates the emotional reaction to the thought.

For me, having practiced this technique, what Gurdjieff called “self-remembering,” for over 50 years now, I can say that noticing thoughts as they arise, saying “I am here (right here, right now)” over and over again, has morphed into a crucial life-long discipline. As I wake up, over and over again, in the middle of being conditioned to react in a certain way by outside (or inside, via memories) forces — there are times when the “witness” consciousness, that pure awareness that lies beyond fear and desire, good and evil, is not just off/on, episodic, but continuous. The matrix itself dissolves into oneness with all of life. I am free. I am love. I am home.

Via Rose.

The Hijacking of Consciousness

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