One Reader's Anguished Appreciation for Gordon Duff's "Fire Hose of the Gods"



Reader Rose Day has emailed me a piece she composed in response to Gordon Duff’s recent post that I called “Enigmatic, even mysterious.” Thank you so much, Rose. I too, sense Duff’s frustration and his anguish. And I imagine that the three of us share it with millions of others similarly awakened by the increasingly graphic violence shown on our ubiquitous screens. BTW: for some reason, this morning after reposting peace activist David Swanson’s reaction to Obama’s latest outrage to humanity: Bombs AND Food to Iraq, I randomly happened upon oops, no, I was synchronistically guided to click on what is being called the singer Lorde’s suppressed acceptance speech at the February 2014 Grammy awards — the extemp one she meant to give, exposing the psychopathy at the heart of the cabal. Of course that speech was quickly cut off and substituted by the prepared one she gave in rehearsal.

How much longer before all of humanity wakes up?

Here’s Rose, her heartfelt response to Gordon Duff.

Response to Gordon Duff’s article, ‘The Fire Hose of the Gods’

I feel on a first-name basis with Gordon Duff and the man does not know me from Adam’s Apple.

I may not always agree with his views but that is the beauty of one-way relations forged within the written word….Gordon is not required to not give a flying rat’s behind regarding my views.

The thing is…Gordon feels real and I can only rely on intuition when honoring that feeling. Should he

prove to be another in the list of Truth Posers I will chalk it up to faulty discernment but the BS meter is presently stable as far as he is concerned.

What I am sensing in ‘The Fire Hose of the Gods’ is a person in anguish, having accessed more than a fair share of the darkest information, the tiniest bit of which would undoubtedly put most souls way over the edge. He then parses said information in a manner which makes it palatable for seekers to access this particular information highway. I use the word palatable purposely as so much of the exposure is truly nauseatingly stomach-turning.

Planetary controllers influence just about every aspect of life and incoming information detailing truly horrific deeds is nearly non-stop on such a vast quantity of wide-ranging issues that it really is easy to understand why many shut down in brain drain. However, the greater drain is among those who present undeniable proof to the mentally competent who absolutely refuse to awaken.

Time to stop the drain…the Gordons of the world are too important to lose over nambie/pambies afraid of their very shadows. It is time for the hangers-on to take responsibility for their personal growth and though unwillingness to do so may be out of fear of truth or just plain laziness, the time is nigh for each to sail his own ship…no need for those asleep at the wheel to take truth-seekers down in their wake.

Take a break Gordon…re-charge. You and others in the vanguard have paved the way and we owe you

a world of gratitude.

Thank you!

Rose Day


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1 Response to One Reader's Anguished Appreciation for Gordon Duff's "Fire Hose of the Gods"

  1. bumpercrop says:

    So often I learn the latest revelations from your blog. So you do your part as well in bringing truth to community. I have came to similar conclusions as well regarding Gordon Duff, a true divine male. I am deeply grateful for the truth tellers who are willing to feel the pain firsthand.
    I am arriving at the conclusion now, that if people choose not to acknowledge the obvious, then that is their choice. I have to let them go. Sometimes the hardest thing to do, is allow others to be stupid. I hope I can always stay humble and become aware of my own ignorance.
    If people choose to ignore the evil occurring in Palestine, and cling to Yahweh war god, then it is on their souls, not mine. Thank you Ann. your posts help to educate, enlighten, and comfort. You take care of yourself too. Much love, wisdom, peace, and comfort, to all standing in truth.
    Also the second article hearkens to the Sophia Gaea Gnostic revelations discovered at Nag Hammadi in 1945. “Not In His Image” by John Lamb Lash

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