David Wilcock and Steven Greer: one hour conversation on "Shifting Our Paradigm"

Here’s a July 16 2014 youtube discussion by two intrepid long time researchers on still secret contact/connection/communion between Above and Below that I plan to listen to, hopefully today.

Via Lance.

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3 Responses to David Wilcock and Steven Greer: one hour conversation on "Shifting Our Paradigm"

  1. Nothing new, two egos reminiscing about their past endeavors, in essence there is a lot of self aggrandizing which turns me off. I can accept a few minutes each for introduction, but it’s all about THEM and very little about constructive ideas and solutions.

    • I know what you mean about these two giant egos, and I always try to just ignore that part and take in whatever they’ve got in terms of possibly new information. Did you listen to the whole thing? If so, and there’s nothing of use in it, I won’t bother, in which case, thanks so much for the preview!

      P.S. Sometimes I think that only giant egos could go up against the cabal the way these two have, each in his own essentially solitary manner. That theirs is the first wave, and that we should thank them for their service while gently helping them release the ego armor. Other times I just get disgusted. And then I have to look at my own ego . . . On and on and on. Mirrors everywhere!

      • Ego’s are actually red flags, anyone who’s ego controls them, we need to be careful.
        BTW, we started a movement, check it out.

        Have you any information on Alfred Webre? Like negative information? If so, you can send it to my email on my blog on contact page, dont want to type it here.

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