Vladimir Putin's Dilemma: How does a sane man with, possibly, the Fate of the Earth on his shoulders, respond to psychopaths?

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As Vladimir Putin begins measured, tit for tat sanctions response to the latest rash actions by rabid western powers who ruthlessly aim to destroy Russia by any means possible and the truth be damned, I very much appreciate these two paragraphs from Lady Rada via Jean Haines.

“It is important to emphasize that Putin can’t afford to act rashly and emotionally as some people seem to demand he does. The world is so unstable right now that it would be disastrous not only for Russia, but for the world in general. Putin’s balanced and cautious stance is what keeps the world spinning. Hot heads need to calm down, and that includes the hot heads not only in Russia, but also the well-meaning hot heads in the West. Those who demand all kinds of drastic actions from Russia, have to take a deep breath and look at the consequences.

“As always, Putin will be very careful with his responses. He will consider all sides of the issue; he will set aside emotions. However correct and justified, these emotions is something the leader of Russia cannot afford. It is abundantly clear that the West, led by the US/UK/Canada, has taken a path to self-destruction. I don’t think they fully realize it yet that the path of harming Russia is in fact a bona fidepath to their own destruction. When they finally get it, it will be too late. Therefore, Putin has to act in such a way that he saves not only Russia, and Ukraine, but also the rest of the world. It is my firm and extremely confident prediction that what is good for Russia, is good for the rest of the world. Russia must, and will, act in its self-interest; but by doing so, Russia also acts on behalf of the higher good of the entire planet. The sooner people in the West grasp this, the better for all.”


Lada Ray: Predictions: Russia Hits West with Return Sanctions, August 6, 2014

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3 Responses to Vladimir Putin's Dilemma: How does a sane man with, possibly, the Fate of the Earth on his shoulders, respond to psychopaths?

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    One of the simple tasks we can assign ourselves to improve* US foreign relations is to look up mainstream media columnists’ emails, then write them and encourage them to speak truth to power. Do this one-on-one with some knowledge and compliment for their thoughtful writing and research efforts. When your comments are respectfully presented it may help open minds to broader perspectives and recast, enlighten and awaken.

    * “improve” means to live fearlessly, with love, compassion, humility, in wisdom.

  2. rose day says:

    Lady Rada’s allusion to pain inflicted upon Russia as pain ultimately inflicted upon all is so very timely in this era of awakening to the world as one…not in the ‘new world order’ sense but in the sense of worldwide spiritual unification as humanity acknowledges the wisdom of the ultimate truth in the age-old parable…’that which we do unto others we do unto ourselves’.

  3. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    Reminds me of the dream I told you about, Ann — where I was in a meeting room being introduced to high-level Lightworkers … and one was Putin. I let a very surprised look cross my face; he pressed a finger to his lips and raised an eyebrow. Ssssshhhhhh …

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