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Walkin the Knife Edge. Image: mountainproject.com

Walkin the Knife’s Edge. Image: mountainproject.com

These days, whenever people ask me how I think we’re doing, in terms of the increasingly chaotic and fraught planetary situation, I tell them, “We’re on the knife’s edge. And I have no idea how it will play out.” Sometimes I add, “And I don’t think anyone else does, either.”

It feels to me that the future, barrelling towards us, remains essentially unknown by any single being within the multidimensional plenum; that infinite timelines all cross at the still center point which each of us occupies, our own singular “point of view,” shimmering in the quantum field of infinite possibility. Which, to me, implies that more than ever before, what we are and say and do with every single breath we take, every single beat of our heart counts as to what kind of future we will collectively birth into being.

It’s interesting that Gordon Duff with all his layers of “intel,” and I, a typical blogger powered mainly by intuition, appear to be on approximately the same page (or point).

And yes, I’d agree with him re: the “rabies” analogy, though I just call it psychopathic.

The Fire Hose of the Gods

August 6, 2014

by Gordon Duff


Here are the concluding two paragraphs:

If I were smarter, I could deliver a “world view” that could guide those capable of “higher thought” to a new level of comprehension. Then again, when I think of this and read what I just wrote I think to myself, “what a bunch of crap.”

I can’t say: “Trust us, we are there looking out for you.” I don’t know “we” are winning. I am not sure I am capable and I don’t know exactly who else might be. I can make a recommendation: Stay whole, live your lives like they might end tomorrow. I am not saying they will but I do hear a lot of crazy stuff. I only believe when the proofs are there and I am in a position to confirm. That, even for me, is a pretty short list. I live in the dark too.

And more, from a comment that he said didn’t fit the article:

…we are very much in a battle of survival. what is being done is to prepare very specifically for that. Were I to speak more about this I would even think myself insane. I was having a talk with Jim Dean yesterday about Castaneda. For those who haven’t, pick up a copy of Journey to Ixtlan. Perhaps even read it. It won’t cost much.

We are at a time when the things you do count, almost as if a god were actually watching. There is a tasking, to use the term, related to that malaise in leadership we all recognize. I should probably write more on this but when I talk of Gaza or so many of the other horrors there are things I should probably tell you. You already know there are monsters among us, you just don’t know how true this is and how applicable that word is. What you must know is that to destroy them, you destroy their works by not being one of them.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, join the club. Mr. Netanyahu, now proven to be a satanic figure beyond redemption exists to draw us all into a cycle of hate. Look around, read and listen. How much “out there” identifies so many as inexplicably “less than human?”

If many, Africa, “that special country,” Ukraine and here, so much here, Mexico, Canada, Britain, if they were house pets we would have to put them down. The diagnosis would be rabies.


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