"Two Trends" — both increasing velocity?

Though the bad news seems unremitting, for example see the gigantic mine tailing pond that just broke in Canada, spilling into two rivers:

— I very much appreciate this new post by Augureye, who, in the past, has felt to me somewhat cynical about human nature. I especially appreciate his advice to “stop feeding the monster.” YES! It’s up to us. We keep the craziness going with our consumer habits, which, as a friend of mine lamented today, in near despair, “We might have turned it around years ago, had we been paying attention and acted accordingly. But even now, nobody, but nobody wants to give anything up!”

Last Days of the Kali Yuga

August 5, 2014

by Augureye



Two Trends

Over the course of this last month or so I have seen a most interesting pattern emerging across the blogosphere. Because things have been leaning increasingly to the chaotic, it’s reasonable to assume those various subjects would dominate the headlines, and indeed they seem to most days. There is another, more interesting trend emerging however, and that trend is towards headlines of a nearly polar opposite nature. These writers are talking about experiencing life at a higher vibratory rate, un-plugging from the dying paradigm and creating a different reality with conscious intent. This of course has been building steadily for some time as the great awakening unfolds all around us in ways that are truly impossible to ignore. The encouraging thing to me is that every week there are more of this type headline, the tide is turning.

Breaking Free

The path to disconnecting from this dying paradigm is naturally going to be different for nearly everyone, but because our differences are all based around similar basic needs, some broad strokes will apply to nearly everyone.

The very first move is both universal, and mandatory: Stop buying the fear! Being in fear is a kind of paralysis which by it’s very nature disintegrates rational thought. Those in fear seldom make the best or optimal choices, and so the cycle deepens. When we can see with new eyes, and understand why the fear mongers depend upon our fear, it becomes easier to see it for what it is. It is an empty hamlet on the DMZ of time: trying to convince us the end is near – when all it is in reality; is the future, without them in it.

The next move is to do the same thing with the corporate psychopaths running the show; the ad men and free marketeers, starve them out by consciously choosing to not purchase their products! Money is the only thing they care about, so that is how we will gain their attention, stop paying them to ruin our world. Vote with your paycheck! Take the extra time to know who doesn’t deserve your consumer dollar; then purchase elsewhere. Yes, it will require some extra time and effort researching and such, but that is just part of the price to taking your power back. Loss of revenue is the only language that they understand. If we want these bastards to quit poisoning the planet, we have to stop paying them to do it! Simple, really. As we’re boycotting their products, we can disempower the corporations further still by stripping away their ridiculous status aspeople! Why we ever let them sneak those “laws” past us is beyond me, but now is the perfect time to depersonalize corporations. A corporation is not a living breathing person, and to grant it status as such diminishes us as it protects them. Time to put an end to that nonsense, and a lot more afterwards. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

03-Evolutionary Mytosis

Stop Feeding the Monster!

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