So. How many prescription and over-the-counter drugs crowd YOUR bathroom cabinet?



I read somewhere that the pharmaceutical industry really took off when George W. got prescription drugs as part of Plan B in Medicare. I wouldn’t know, since I don’t indulge in such folly, having worked with my body in alternative ways since I was 30 years old. That’s 41 years now, and counting.

Meanwhile, there are two CVS stores not much more than a stone’s throw from me. And I’ve seen people lined up at both for their meds.

Of course, there’s good reason why people want to be on “happy” pills in an unraveling world. Good reason why they need pills to fall and stay sleep in an over-amped, electric/electronic environment. Good reasons for heart “remedies” and “diabetes” remedies, and “cancer” remedies, etc. Each of these reasons might be considered a symptom of what’s gone wrong, and a failed attempt to address it by cutting off the symptom rather than addressing the root cause, the division between our minds and bodies on a personal level, and on a collective level, the division between the structure (matrix) of our “civilized” world and the natural world upon which it floats, uneasy, desperate, fiendishly complex and corrupt, and utterly determined not to touch down into the real power that fuels the universe. Under our feet. In the stars above. Anywhere but there, dear “god,” let’s do anything to avoid rooting ourselves into the Below and ascending into the Above. Yeah. Just stay in that vast nowheresville that we have transmogrified into, stuffing ourselves with false perceptions, fake food, and distractions galore, including shiny toys that require more extraction of finite resources and then more landfills to rot (or not) in once we throw them away in the interest of more! newer! shinier!

Meanwhile, the medico pharmaceutical complex grows fatter by the day. Here’s two views of that, the first showing most of western humanity’s blind deference to and worship of killer prescription drugs, and the second reflecting, warning about, and perhaps inadvertently amping the current fear-mongering over the dreaded martial law possibilities buried in the supposedly “90% fatal” “Ebola.”

Jon Rappoport: Covert Chemical Warfare: 100,000 Deaths A Year

!!!!! Alfred Weber: Expose massive Ebola/Martial Law false flag and prevent mega depopulation

BTW: I don’t know about you, but I’ve decided not to watch the Weber video. No need to expose myself to even more FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). On the other hand, I’m glad Alfred took the time to make it. Hopefully it will shock into awareness some of those still asleep without going through fear first. (But is that possible? Maybe instead we should focus on ways to integrate and transform the fear that does arise. How can it not? And the best way I know is, yes, to go out in Nature, ground myself there, bare feet to the soil, bare hands with the plants, the Sun’s warmth bathing my skin.) I imagine he does address the news that Monsanto is now investing in “Ebola” treatments?

The Ebola Outbreak, can it be controlled? Monsanto invests in Ebola treatment drug company as pandemic spreads.

In any case, remember, what feeds the cabal is our fear. It’s their FOOD. Transform fear into love and they not only run out of gas, they skedaddle away.



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1 Response to So. How many prescription and over-the-counter drugs crowd YOUR bathroom cabinet?

  1. bumpercrop says:

    In February I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. I was given a prescription for an expensive
    statin pharmaceutical drug. Instead, I started taking red yeast rice.
    I just had my blood retested, and my cholesterol has dropped from 367 to 238, 199 being normal. I can’t wait to rub this one in to my big-pharma pushing doctor.
    Big pharma is second in profits behind big oil.
    What does that tell you?
    I read somewhere that the advent of the American Medical Association disabled the Naturopaths. One can only wonder where humans might be, had they not been
    hijacked by big science, ie big money.

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