Jean Hudon: Major Compilation on Global Dangers, Ukraine and GAZA

Unknown-4Jean Hudon used to periodically gift us with a compilation of current news. Can’t remember whether it was once a week or once a month, but it was always extremely valuable. So when he decided to stop (what was it, two years go?), because his garden needed attention, I felt disappointed, and yet very much appreciated both his reason and his priorities. He has continued his once weekly meditations, however. Go to earthrainbownetwork to get on his email list..

That Jean decided to put out a news compilation now speaks volumes to me about how serious he considers the developing geopolitical situation.

Playing with Fire

August 5, 2014

Compiled by Jean Hudon

It has been a long time since I’ve put together a major compilation for you. But recent events in Gaza and the unreported slaughter of civilians in eastern Ukraine (Media Blackout: Major Military Operation in East Ukraine. 496 Civilians, 1600 Soldiers Reported Killed) warrant a global examination of what’s happening and heightened concerns for the evolving situation which could soon get much worse globally as you’ll discover if you can make time to review the extensive information I’ve gathered for you.

On the situation in Ukraine: Clearly the West, under the US leadership (and that includes Barack Obama who is apparently pursuing/facilitating the global agenda of the elite Cabal — or somehow forced to do so) is pushing hard to destabilize Russia through trying to entrap Putin into direct military intervention to protect ethnic Russians living in eastern Ukraine, now bearing the brunt of the military wrath unleashed against them by the CIA-installed neo-nazi regime. This could lead to a global military conflagration. Apparently the Cabal/controlled US plutocracy doesn’t take lightly — amongst other things – the threat to their economic hegemony and imperialistic dollar posed by the BRICS Development Bank initiative (see “Putin Blamed for #MH17 to Launch Attack on BRICS World Bank”) opening the door to a multipolar world. (A.K.: my emphasis)

On the situation in Gaza: A new ceasefire has just started for 3 days and if this one holds, it may lead to a more lasting lull in the never-ending torments inflicted upon this almost defenseless civilian population. The global revulsion against Israel’s despicable war crimes has reached fever pitch and calls are growing to establish an effective global boycott to make Israel pay for its horrific slaughter and wholesale destruction of large swaths of Gaza in its ultimately futile and painfully ill-conceived military efforts to prevent the Palestinians from having a real nation and to re-establish ‘normalcy’ for the Israeli society, enjoying first world luxuries while denying the most basic survical necessities to the neighboring Palestinian population of Gaza.

Both situations are connected as they both serve the imperialistic full-spectrum dominance agenda of the cabal.

On the spiritual ‘front”: This is all part of the litmus test countless souls must pass to graduate to a higher dimension. The choice is between falling into the rotten trap of hatred and its accompanying cycles of revenge, anger, prejudices and so on, or to choose the higher road of unconditional Love and compassion for all souls involved, without judging nor condemning, while following one’s conscience to do the right thing for the highest good of all.

This is a major battle between apparently opposed forces — of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ — which ultimately are playing out their respective roles in this karmic merry-go-round between physical lifetimes and ethereal existence between them to figure out how to fully master the grand challenge set billions of years ago by the Creator Itself. Michael Newton’s amazing books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls offer tantalizing visions and clues as to what actually is and where this is all going – See my November 8, 2013 post on him: Michael Newton – Souls and the Spirit World – and MUCH MORE!

So do what you feel you must with this material and these thoughts. We are each sovereign beings on a mission of Self-realization amidst the ups and downs of a most ‘interesting’ time…

Use your freewill wisely.

With Love!

PS If you appreciate Matthew’s higher vantage point’s take on world events, his August 3rd message (once archived HERE) might be of interest to you as well.

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