Two Extraordinary Compilations: permaculture designs and healing cancer

So why would I put these two compilations, both of which are well worth saving for endless future reference, in the same post? Well, because both have to do with regenerating our sorry world, both internal and external. Let’s go! And even if we can’t make sure that all our efforts will “save” it, we can at least save our own conscience from ducking that dreaded grandchild’s question, “What were YOU doing to help prevent the destruction of the world?”

images-12Indeed, these two compilations could be foundational for a new kind of curriculum, adapted for any age. Imagine, if students were educated for regenerative philosophy and practice, how they would respond in school!

I especially look forward to studying the delicious drawings of the various permaculture designs and putting some of them into practice. Fascinating! Via Keith.

101 Permaculture Designs

I’m on the daily list for New Illuminati posts, and find most of them extremely potent and valuable. This one strikes me as well worth spreading around, since so many people are still entranced by the Medical/Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. In fact, the collective belief in “doctor knows best,” a cornerstone of the Matrix, may be one of the last to dissolve. Luckily, as the economic system unravels, so will the capacity to keep funding the what is too often a poison and death machine.

New Illuminati: Alternative Cancer Cures that Work

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