Our Watershed Moment

This commentary feels true to me. Like no other grinding, ongoing atrocity, the current slaughter of GAZA’s innocents has blown awake the world.

A Watershed Moment In Human History – The Slaughter In Gaza And Humankind’s Response

August 3, 2014

by R. Teichmann


WaterWorldEarthThis moment in history is a watershed moment for Humankind. It has been triggered by the senseless and premeditated extermination of innocent and largely defenseless children, women and men in the largest open-air concentration camp on earth called Gaza by an overwhelming force for only one purpose: making life itself unbearable.

The response to and condemnation of what I have no name for is universal. It transcends all political, ideological, religious, national, continental, gender and age boundaries. It is unique as it is not based on gaining any advantages or fighting for or against anything. It simply is the outpouring of everything that is good within human beings. It is the universal expression of what we really are. Sentient, loving, caring, compassionate creatures.

This outpouring is unique in its genuity. It shows that lies are not believed any longer, that no propaganda can distort our innate knowledge of right and wrong. No event in history could accomplish what the unmasked menace, now staring Humankind in the face, could. Not the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, not the fire bombings of Tokyo, Dresden and Hamburg, not the atrocities of WW I and II, not the catastrophes of Chernobyl, Fukushima or Deepwater Horizon.

What we are witnessing is the rise of the true human consciousness and universal spirit in all its glory. Truth, justice and compassion will prevail.

About the author: R. Teichmann is an activist living in West Cork / Ireland and an editor with news-beacon-ireland.info. He also blogs on War is a Crime.


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2 Responses to Our Watershed Moment

  1. bumpercrop says:

    This is exactly the conclusion in which I have arrived.
    The people who choose to turn away from the atrocities that are occurring in Gaza. will indeed
    find themselves in their own paradigm of consequences.
    Last night I was attempting to explain the significance of this watershed moment, to
    dear friends of mine, who are Christians.
    Their continued allegiance and support of the Zionist onslaught of Palestinian natives, is
    unconscionable. I believe these conversations are occurring throughout the world.
    This morning I sent them the following documentary. This video was made in the eighties.
    It was created by an evangelical Christian.Thanks Ann.

  2. laurabruno says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    May the awakening of truth, justice and compassion continue. I have been heartened to see how many Jews are also protesting this genocide, saying “Not in my name.” May more people everywhere reclaim human decency by standing up and declaring, “Not in my name.” “Stop, in the name of LOVE.” Not just a song — a way of being.

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