Like a prosecutor sums up the crime in a court of law, this story relentlessly connects the dots in Ukraine


A brilliant read.

Here’s the Conclusion:

The real evidence is now stacking up which proves Western (as in Western powers and Western Ukraine) culpability for the shooting down of Malaysian Flight MH17. There is no other conclusion which can be drawn from both the hard and circumstantial evidence except that the Ukraine military committed this atrocity. Why they perpetrated such a ‘war crime’ can only be understood by their relationship to the Anglo-American Axis of power and control.

This axis of global power exerts extraordinary influence over worldwide media. In so doing they are able to saturate the MSM with any narrative they choose. In the case of MH17, their selected target was Russia … for many obvious reasons. Their MO is quite familiar in that the Anglo-American media outlets simply inundate their respective audiences with propaganda and prevarication so that their is no space (both literally and figuratively) on either print or video platforms for any dissenting coverage. After these now predictable Shock & Awe initiatives have been seen through, the public perceptions have then been sufficiently molded so that the same Western Powers can hold their preplanned kangaroo courts … … … by the press and within the various global media forums.

What every country in the world ought to be asking themselves is how such a heinous crime could be committed by governments which continually present themselves as taking the moral high ground. These very same Western governments have been circumstantially implicated in many other major state-sponsored terrorist events by virtue of the fact that only they could have possibly executed such technically difficult, prohibitively expensive and highly labor and material intensive false flag operations.

It’s about time the community of nations stood together against these rogue governments. Each of them must be held accountable for the killing of so many innocents in the interest of furthering their intentions to wage war for economic gain. Their multi-decade, international crime spree must be brought to a halt before they lay waste to even larger swaths of the planetary terrain.

Evidence Conclusive: Ukraine Military Shot Down MH 17 in False Flag Operation



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