Something has changed. Can you feel it? Hint: Mars and Jupiter both changed signs and squared off, TODAY.

This morning I woke up energized on a deep deep level. Not nearly so “shaky” as before, and I don’t think it’s just me. Knowing that Mars moved into Scorpio on the 27th, from where it would begin to square Jupiter, which moved into Leo on July 20th, I took a look at the chart for today:

Screenshot 2014-08-02 11.23.36

Wow! Mars in the first house at 3° Scorpio, exactly square both Jupiter and Mercury at 3° Leo in the tenth house. Plus, Sun at 10° Leo moving towards a square with Saturn at 16° Scorpio around August 10th.

Notice how different it feels, not to be inside the staticky, jumpy, chaotic, swirling, gunk that we’ve been subject to for so long, that ever re-igniting T-cross and Grand Cross in cardinal signs with revolutionary Uranus square plutocratic Pluto (2011-2015) as the backbone, triggered first by year-long, “God and country” loving Jupiter in Cancer that started in July 2013, then by faster-acting warlike Mars in Libra first in December 2013, then again, May and June 2014.

If you recall, ML #370 disappeared on March 8, during Jupiter’s most powerful moment this year, when it was beginning to turn to go direct at 10°, only one degree from making that T-cross with Uranus and Pluto exact (again).

Then, only four months later, ML #17 crashed on July 17th, on the very day that Jupiter entered Leo for the first time in 12 years, and — are we surprised? — all the big American egos arose, to boastfully, instantly, arrogantly, with no evidence whatsoever, place the blame on Vladimir Putin. Jupiter expands, and in the sign of Leo, when not aware, dishes out sheer unadulterated ego.

And, if you recall, July 17th was also the day that perhaps the most obviously boastful arrogant ego on the planet, Benjamin Netanyahu, ordered the start of Israel’s latest genocidal wave in Gaza.

Two days prior, the 133 BRICs nations, including Russia, had signed an agreement to basically rival the biggest Leo Superpower of them all, and its minions, namely, the World Bank and IMF of the U.S./Israel/NATO/EU cartel.

So, given what went down geopolitically when Jupiter hit Leo, I couldn’t wait to see how Mars’ entrance into Scorpio, another fixed sign where its square to Jupiter in fixed Leo would give Jupiter a run for its money, would play out. Mars rules Scorpio, and its powerfully subversive and deep level action in that sign while square Leo will either amp up ego (its own, but working underground) to try to overpower other Jupiter in Leo egos, and/or it will begin the powerfully Scorpionic process of letting ego go, getting off the throne (or being knocked off). That’s what I always say to someone who has that fixed square between Leo and Scorpio in their own natal chart. “Whereas in Leo, we gain an ego, in Scorpio we must let it go.” For example my late husband Jeffrey had a total of seven planets in those two signs. Since he was so focused on the mind, I’d all too often find myself reminding him: “There’s a big difference between knowing a lot and being a know-it all.”

The point is, the Leo/Scorpio square always signifies a kind of stubborn inner and/or outer battle, between getting on the throne and getting off it, between self-expression and letting go of one’s point of view, to prepare the way for the universalization of energy, as symbolized by the final four signs of the zodiac, starting with fiery Sagittarius, and its large philosophical perspective, then segueing into earthy Capricorn, where abstract perspectives get hammered into matter. The western philosophical perspective of humans- as-inherently-selfish that crystalized into the economic system of predatory capitalism, has, since 2008, when Pluto began its 18 year journey through Capricorn, and especially since 2011, when Uranus started to square Pluto, been seriously, perhaps even fatally, undermined. (See Piketty.)

It helps to look at the zodiac as an evolutionary process, which begins with Aries (where Uranus is now), as the point of sheer exuberant emergence of the life force that blows through all constraints. This gets grounded and rooted in the next sign, Taurus, then communicated in Gemini, nourished in Cancer, and finally, shifts into self-awareness in Leo, which, then, if not evolved, if not conscious, calcifies into ego. From Leo we move to Virgo, where all that beautiful expressive personal energy learns discernment and how to put creativity into actual practice.

At this point, another phase begins, the second half of the zodiac, with Libra and the introduction of the “Other,” as a projection of and mirror for the self; if not aware, Libra signifies two or more dueling egos that go at it for dominance, but if aware, they can work out a mutual agreement by listening to each other’s real needs and bending when necessary. This is where Mars has been sitting, since December 2013, in Libra. Diplomacy, clearly has not worked, indeed diplomacy has hardly even been tried. Instead, “God and country” Jupiter in Cancer, and “national security” (the usual excuse for Plutocratic power in Capricorn), have ruled — albeit uneasily, given that ongoing revolutionary Uranus in Aries’ furious call for freedom and independence.

As long as both egos insist on dominance, nothing new can happen. But when they, as independent individuals, each surrender ego in the interests of the larger process and the whole that lies beyond the self, then creation can happen. Whether that be the conception of a child or of a new idea, or a new process. But what makes creation happen is or can be the power of Pluto, in Capricorn, where its square to impulsive, independent, freedom-seeking Uranus originally set up a reaction formation where Pluto tried like hell to keep the status quo; now, failing that — and admit it Monster America, you are failing and flailing — the only recourse is to tunnel down into the mystery, the place of primal motion, what powers the universe, the regenerative chaos that destroys old forms while birthing new ones. The old forms of subterfuge, deception, secrecy, and brutalizing power are obviously NOT WORKING. This is becoming clear already as Mars enters Scorpio and squares Jupiter, buttressed on this very day, by fast-acting, communicative Mercury.

Just this morning I read the two posts below, and they fill me with even more energy. YES! The world is waking up to power-over, power-hungry plutocratic machinations in both Ukraine/Russia and in Israel/Gaza. The role of the U.S./Israel as fading Empire, infiltrated by Zionist Nazis, and trumpeted by MSM propaganda, is becoming increasingly clear in our internet-wired Uranian world. The old games aren’t working. Something new is being conceived right now, in the halls of power, our own power, each one of us who is awake and aware, energized with new life.

Ukraine MH 17 May Be CIA False Flag and It Ain’t Flying


Press TV: Israel: A Cornered Rat

BTW: for a terrifically pointed research piece quoting government docs from 1963, see:

Is It Really A False Flag? Well, It Certainly Could Be

Oh, and guess what? In this time when everything’s changin’, this morning, I was out gathering chard in the GANG garden for my noon meal, and Rebecca yelled at me from her car while turning into her driveway. “Guess what I found?” she said.


With a triumphant look on her face she popped open the trunk of her car. My mouth dropped open. Yes, in awe. She said it was exactly had been asking for internally — on the side of the road, abandoned. Now we can make fire. Now we can do that highly creative, life-regenerating fiery Mars/Jupiter dance, right here, in our own back yard.

IMG_0741Ooooo, where are our brooms? Maybe we really are those “two witches” as is rumored in our neighborhood where the I.U. students talk among themselves. (Remember, I tell Rebecca, the word “witch” means “wise woman.”)

Rebecca further informs me that Michaele tells her that the kids say that “Ann gets info from the aliens, and she instructs Rebecca what to do.” Hilarious! True?







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