The View from Here on the Anniversary of A century at War: July 28, 2014

On this 100th anniversary day of the first World War that morphed, through ten decades, into the endless war that now daily decimates Earth and Earthlings, let us view what’s going on through a kaleidoscope of lenses:

Steven Lendman’s essay in “honor” of this anniversary day —

A Century of War

— a cogent, potent overview of war and peace across the globe ending with how the warmongers have now, as in the beginning of this “great” nation, when they genocided the Native American population, turned on our own, the struggling poor who barely survive, often homeless, and always forgotten, in the ravaged urban and rural wastelands of the broken American heartland.

This morning’s Laura Bruno post —

Excellent Example of how Agenda 21 Is Not Really About Sustainability

— documents just how very aware we must become of the various clever and deceptive ways top-down powers can hijack local and individual efforts to create and nourish a truly sustainable, regenerative world that works for everybody. (Shit-detector hint: any project with the word “smart” attached to it.) Laura Bruno was the person who first brought to my attention just how pernicious was and is Agenda 21.

Oh, and btw: did you realize that Agenda 21, and geoengineering, and in general all sorts of “fields” for college students that relate to engineering a simulated reality on top of the real one that Nature intended, is now being promoted in university curricula? See this extraordinary blog post that asked the question, and got this amazing information:

Degrees in Geo-Engineering and Sustainable Development

Geez! When did that start? How did we not notice? You see how very smooth and deceptive Agenda 21 can be? And for children raised on “screens” rather than playing outside, it probably looks normal and “natural.”

3. Also this morning, a rousing new post from Julian Rose —

Seizing Control of Our Destinies

— who points out the precise direction in which we must head to create the possibility of shifting from the planned centralization and control of everything by powers that do not have our or our Earth’s interests at heart: decentralization, at all levels, and in every way. It’s really very simple: every day, in every way, what are you doing with your wild and precious life to increase the regenerativity of your inner own self; and just beyond that, what are you doing to increase the regenerativity of your household, your block, your neighborhood, your town, your region. These are the priorities, from the inside out, in order of decreasing importance. Why?

Because the most crucial area of concern lies inside the self. Unless we remove the wall between ourselves and the living universe, unless we open ourselves to constant inflow from the infinite void of endless possibility, unless we surrender to the Mystery that seeks to enliven all that is, we will simply shrivel up and die, or be picked off by the far-reaching, remotely controlled and controlling PTB.

Take heart! All is not lost. In fact, the ongoing atrocities are waking lots of people up, all over the world.

Gaza Attack: Team People Winning Battle for Humanity

• Not In Our Name: Jews Stage Massive Anti-War Protests in Tel Aviv, New York and Elsewhere

Global Jews and Palestinians have been holding anti-war protests throughout Israel, but the mainstream media has refused to cover them.

Global Jews and Palestinians have been holding anti-war protests throughout Israel, but the mainstream media has refused to cover them.



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5 Responses to The View from Here on the Anniversary of A century at War: July 28, 2014

  1. laurabruno says:

    I’m meeting with our city planner on Thursday to explain to her why so many people keep calling her about Agenda 21. I offered to decode their concerns, noting that “there are valid concerns. This isn’t just some right wing crazy talk. There are things you can do to assuage their fears.” We shall see. Wish me luck! It has taken, oh, only 6 months to get this meeting. 🙂

  2. bumpercrop says:

    ” And for children raised on “screens” rather than playing outside, it probably looks normal and “natural.”
    I found the following on
    “I don’t think any glaring lie about the ongoing global geoengineering programs has enraged me so much as the criminal lies contained in the total propaganda site posted below put out by NASA. The attempt to completely brainwash our beautiful children has reached a new pinnacle of criminality.”

    What sort of spineless corrupt bastards does it take to organize a program with the sole purpose of making our innocent children believe that the chemical trails they see in the sky are just “water vapor”? What kind of demented morally depraved psychopaths does it take to tell our children what they see in the sky is harmless even though the spraying is the very reason so many of our beautiful little beings have ADD, autism, asthma, and so many other ailments?”

    I am caught between 2 primary modes of thought. On one hand, I pray deeply for the natural law of good to prevail, believing there is justice and truth more powerful than archontic superficiality and manipulations. I feel and know this force is dominant and shall resume sanity for the sake of our survival.
    On the other hand, I must accept the appearance of the collective consciousness of willful ignorance. and that the majority is so entrenched in holding on to a paradigm which is both destructive and calcified, and will ultimately spell our doom. I keep my soul as free and clear as I can. Either way, I am ready to go, when the time arises.
    Perhaps, humans are beginning, to truly awaken. Perhaps on a very basic intuitive level, humans are sensing that our survival is in danger. So many of us, feel powerless or are disinclined to make efforts to change the paradigm. For those people, I suggest the following visualization, see it and feel it, for yourself, and for the world. Love, Peace, and Wisdom.
    1. identify the virus
    2. isolate the virus
    3. surround the virus
    4. dissolve the virus

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