And may the walls come tumblin' down.


I realize that what I posted this morning, Paul Craig Roberts’ deeply despairing point of view on what appears to be the current seemingly inexorable momentum building towards the final nuclear “war” (read: extinction), the one the SSG (Secret Shadow Government) has been salivating over since the ’50s — the one they had to postpone when the “cold war” seemed to end with the out-of-nowhere spontaneous fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, so instead they got busy preparing the Project for A New American Century by making sure the whole wide world knew who the real boss was (read: hyperpower): 1000 bases worldwide, etc. etc. ommigod this sentence got way too long . . . anyway, the Roberts piece, especially the title that I gave it, “Don’t expect to live much longer,” might look like “fear porn.”

Is it?

You decide. Meanwhile, who knows what walls may unexpectedly fall in this new century now that we are seemingly faced with horror no matter where we look.

Image: the wall between Palestine and Israel:

Wall between Palestine and Israel. Image:

U.S. Mexico border wall. Image:

U.S. Mexico border wall. Image:

I find it interesting that my dentist and I, just this afternoon, talked about both compost and the fact that humanity’s days may be ending on this planet. We talked through his face mask — about ourselves as souls, about our sacred intent, about how we should live, no matter what comes next. I told him that I have just registered the domain name “;” he laughed, uneasy, then laughed again, as if the phrase rolled through him, gaining significance.

After he was done cleaning my teeth, he came back into the room and asked, “What is the name of your website?” I didn’t realize he knew I had a website.

We may think that our dentists and others we know are walled off from our own planet-wide concerns; that they are oblivious to the world and its possible stupidly tragic human-caused destiny; we may be wrong. I sure was.

We agreed, when we finally ended our short, intense, potent conversation: “We need to remember that as bleak as everything looks, we really don’t know. The world is so much bigger and more mysterious than any of our predictions about it.”

I showed him a photo of our latest compost-in-place hugelkulture mounds. Easier than the giant one he’s trying to make. Plus, fulfills the permaculture principle of “stacking functions:” besides composting in place, it also generates fertility for longer than usual, holds water, and offers nearly twice as much growing space as a flat bed. Four functions in one!

new mound

In an article titled

What’s Climate Change Doing to Our Mental Health

I read that one woman’s research in Australia shows that those who work with the Earth both feel better, and feel better about themselves — even when they know that there may be no way we can stop climate change from decimating the environment. To me, this is one of those change points that may make all the difference in the world to what happens next.

If more of us tear down the artificial wall between ourselves and nature, between our own deeper nature and the natural world that breathes through us, what might happen? What miracles might occur?




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  1. bumpercrop says:

    I am grateful that there is movement in open discussion on the current state of nature and how this awareness is affecting us all.
    I am concerned however, because Grist and other environmental forums, refuse to acknowledge
    that we are being sprayed with chemicals, known officially as solar radiation management,but known to the people as “chemtrails”. This is supposedly to combat global warming aka climate change. This could be true, but even if true, it is happening without human consent or even awareness.
    When environmental groups refuse to even acknowledge this is happening, It ends up being another cluster*%(& for me. Because of dishonesty over the acknowledgement of chemtrails, I am suspicious of
    “climate change”. The irony is so thick, that I might just have to joke about it all.
    Thanks Ann.

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