Boomer Warrior: "What did you do once you knew?"

This is a clarion call to arms. May we tenderly twine our arms around this suffering planet, her capacity to succor our grandchildren.

Via Keith.

350-pixelscover_boomer_warrior_logo3What Did You Do Once You Knew?

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1 Response to Boomer Warrior: "What did you do once you knew?"

  1. Bill Chisholm says:

    I challenged them at every turn, protested the bullshit, never identified a problems without offers a solutin, ran for office, got arrested, argued cases before hearing officers and supreme court justices…wrote countless letters and articles, lobbied at the local, state and national level, prayed, meditated, sang, danced and drummed, lived a simple lifestyle. The one thing I never did was cut my hair… I never wanted to be mistaken for one of them.

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