Lance White's rant in response to my rant . . .

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From Ann Kreilkamp today:
Then a few weeks ago, my friend Keith (while telling me, with seeming casualness, “I read it twice”) handed me the the book “All of the Above,” by Timothy Scott Bennett (also director of the feature length documentary, “Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire”). The book, billed as “fiction,” simply blew me away, with its intricately textured plot and characterizations of human and “aliens” and various dimensions, all inspired by what appears to be the author’s view that things are just so weird and entangled that we can have no idea what’s going on, who’s helping who, or not, what any of the many species and dimensions of “aliens” and the various networks of humans are really up to spiritually, sociologically or geopolitically. One thing’s for sure, they’re messing with our minds. Or they seem to be! Or some of them are. It’s an amazing book, and he’s writing a sequel.
And that’s sorta where I, or rather, my left brain, “stands” now.
Keep opening to the Mystery, eh?
In looking up the book by Timothy Scott Bennet, I discovered his film, the full length feature. Am watching it now, and so far it’s pretty dark! I don’t blame humans, personally, for the gloomy possibilities that confront us today. It’s a very old story, and it’s run from “behind the scenes”, invisibly. People philosophize, write, make films and generate a lot of communications about our “condition”. But ask yourself, “Is there anything I could have done differently, or could miraculously do right NOW, to change things? What things would I change and how? Could I end the financial robberies by banksters, who continue to steal, manipulate and destroy us with our own money? Would withdrawing all my funds help? Citing statements about my “Sovereignity” clearing it all up? What about all the meaningless conflagrations, seemingly created by our very own government and its numerous tentacles of 3 letter agencies, and THEIR “black ops”, that don’t know what one finger is doing, let alone an entire agency…Do I even know the problems that are created and by whom? What’s REALLY going on!?
We live in a multi-dimensional world(s), that are created outside the 3rd dimension. We are 12 dimensional beings being convinced at every level, via media and technology, that we’re 3D. Propaganda everywhere and in every direction. We are trained to live as if we ARE our bodies, sexual preference, career, drug of choice and skin color. Yeah, Right. So if we’re not those things, what are we? That is the question. If we are spiritual beings experiencing multiple dimensions simultaneously, then what? What the Bleep Do We Know anyway?!
This film looks like a very creative and poetic “take” of our impending destruction. Glaciers are destroyed by beams from ships we see not. Weather is manipulated by technologies run via governments and black ops we see not. Chemtrails are sprayed by people we never will meet or know, by operations we know not. Do those who run HAARP and the chemtrails and fluoride programs know who is running them? Then, there are some billionaires and trillionaires running programs independently of government ops, which we know not. What do we know? I know not. We know there are technologies in the breakaway civilization being USED right now, many shelved and sitting in vaults. We are kept on oil, electricity, propane and fracking only because the power control system thrives on our stupidity and vast revenues. “They” will NEVER let advanced energies trickle down into common humanity. It isn’t on their agenda, that much I DO Know! I know we are kept dumbed down, manipulated, controlled and milked on every level. Questions breed more questions.
And yet, I know that I know less than I did yesterday, unable to fathom the vast scope of entangled webs which all affect everything else. When and where does the insanity end? Does it really end by me raising my vibration, shifting my consciousness, being present and awake in this very NOW moment? Could it be THAT simple!? I don’t know.
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  1. gregokulove says:

    You know all the dark and unimaginable stuff as well as the light and uplifting stuff found around us in the world is a reflection of whats happening on the inside of us all.

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