Post July 20-21: Fulford, Keenan, Wilcock, the cabal, and aliens.

Lone_ranger_silver_1965On the day after the fabled July 20-21 period, when both Saturn and Uranus turned, controlling Saturn to go direct and wild Uranus to go retrograde, and the world did not blow up, here’s one of the threads of meaning that just got jolted with electricity:

For those who believe/hope that Lone Rangers of any ilk, no matter how well meaning, informed, and courageously active (e.g. Ben Fulford, Neil Keenan, Kevin Annett, et al,) can “save the world,” this post is for you. Also for you, if you wonder about “aliens.” Read on.

Here’s a bit of Fulford’s new post, as picked up by Lance White (aka zany mystic):


Screenshot 2014-07-22 14.40.02


As Lance says, at the very least it’s mighty entertaining. Fulford goes on to say that nobody, but “nobody’s taking the bait” in this latest absurdist rollout of a justification for war with Russia.

Later: just read the whole Fulford post here. WOW! It IS interesting, and, like many of us, he notes the exquisite timing, right between the BRICs development bank announcement and the latest slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza. cites David Wilcock’s reply to this new Ben Fulford post, saying that he basically agrees with Fulford, that his dreams are indicating that the fall of the cabal is at hand.

David Wilcock comments on Ben Fulford’s Article

Neil Keenan also has a whopper of a new post — at least from the title. Have not yet had time (or inclination?) to pursue it myself.

Neil Keenan — It’s Show Time!

For more on these kinds of possible developments head on over to jhaines and to veteranstoday. Wilcock points to Gordon Duff and Preston James of veteranstoday as talking about a change in relationship between ETS and humans. They are “both saying that a critical shift has occurred between benevolent ETs helping us and the cabal.”

But then there’s John Michael Greer’s interesting perspective on aliens, one I hadn’t considered:

Smile for the Aliens

My own perspective on “aliens” keeps evolving. At first, I thought they were all “good,” here to save us. Then I heard about “bad” ones, reptilians, greys, etc. So I tried to adjust my beliefs to include them all. And, of course, to wonder who was really who, just as I wonder sometimes about humans! Once I admitted into my worldview both “good” and “evil” aliens, the situation got a lot more complicated — still pretty much a black/white polarized attitude on my part, however.

Meanwhile, I had been long familiar with (and for the first decade, scoffing at) David Icke’s view of the cabal as sharing a reptilian bloodline, and with the idea that a very long time ago, humankind was seeded here by aliens of one stripe or another, or interbred with “the sky gods,” (as in the Bible), and so on. It’s hard for me to keep any of this straight. Lately, what seems to be the main alternative view in circles I’m drawn to is that aliens have always both walked among us, live above and within the Earth, too, are hybridized with us, are either guiding or controlling us, and so on, and that the cabal itself is simply following alien orders.

Question, but if they’ve been here all along, if we have “alien” DNA, then why call them “alien”?

Then a few weeks ago, my friend Keith (while telling me, with seeming casualness, “I read it twice,”) handed me the the book “All of the Above,” by Timothy Scott Bennett (also director of the feature length documentary, “Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire”). The book, billed as “fiction,” simply blew me away, with its intricately textured plot and characterizations of human and “aliens” and various dimensions, all inspired by what appears to be the author’s view that things are just so weird and entangled that we can have no idea what’s going on, who’s helping who, or not, what any of the many species and dimensions of “aliens” and the various networks of humans are really up to spiritually, sociologically or geopolitically. One thing’s for sure, they’re messing with our minds. Or they seem to be! Or some of them are. It’s an amazing book, and he’s writing a sequel.

And that’s sorta where I, or rather, my left brain, “stands” now.

Keep opening to the Mystery, eh?






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  1. In addition to all the aliens, apparently some of us choose to incarnate in human form on Earth with our inexperienced soul which may have never incarnated on Earth before, but having lived alien lives on other worlds.

    I’m still mentally digesting “Destiny of Souls” by Dr. Michael Newman, and his regressing 7000 cash studies back to “between-life memories”,

    … and wondering, wait, maybe we are also “them” just a another time around.

  2. rose day says:

    Ann, Fulford’s assertion that Cameron’s comments are the result of coercive blackmail has a
    ring of truth on the heels of Gordon Duff’s recent claims regarding SERCO’s ‘information-gathering’ capabilities and blackmail used to ‘control’ politicians worldwide.

  3. bumpercrop says:

    Your posts are always so interesting. The word “archon” derived from the Gnostic myth of Sophia Gaea,.discovered in an earthen jar at the Nag Hammadi site in Egypt in 1947. A gifted scholar named John Lamb Lash, deciphered the codices and introduced to the world the Gnostic belief that the archons took shape as “an aborted fetus” shaped head, and reptilian appearance. This is where all the talk has derived. “Not In His Image, Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology And The Future of Belief” 2006, by scholar John Lamb Lash, quite simply,this book changed my life. The Gnostics were not Christians, in fact, the Gnostics warned people about the exclusivity of the war god. The myth of Sophia/Gaea is totally unique of all world myths and is very uplifting, educational, and inspiring. You can watch and listen to videos and podcasts of John Lamb Lash on YouTube.
    I have heard John Lash lament on why the full story of Sophia is ignored whenever the archons are mentioned. Once again, the boys forget the importance of the girls. Love your posts, Ann.

    • I too, found that book utterly riveting. The first time I tried to read it, and got to the archons, I put it down. The second time I couldn’t put it down. I reference him in a numbers of posts. Here’s one:

      Wild, to be alive, in these bodies, now, eh? Thanks, Theresa Joy, for your presence in this comment section!

    • I hesitate to say Gnostics are not Christian. When I listen and read Dr. Stephen A. Hoeller’s excellent lectures and books, my interpretation has been that the early Christian church was indeed Gnostic and the Gnostic Christ was taken from us by the Council on Nicaea in 325 AD, which did not want a church committed to enlightening and awakening followers, but a church that would control dogma and members. Here’s a link to Dr Hoeller’s excellent series listed below.. Perhaps the best one to listen to first is The Gospel of Judas” Then look for the listening links:

      BC Recordings, The Gnostic Society’s Web Lectures and The Gnosis Archive

      are pleased to provide here a selection of free “Web Lectures” by Stephan A. Hoeller. These selected Free Lectures change, so check back (or subscribe to our infrequent Newsletter) to download the new offerings. Even our free and easy-to-create membership account is not required to access these audio files — just click and listen or download!

      Our current Introductory Lectures by Stephan A. Hoeller . . .

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      Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing

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      Running Time 47:25.
      The Greatest Treasures of Nag Hammadi

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  4. Excellent post and worth reblogging!

  5. Reblogged this on From Croatia With Love and commented:
    Still waiting for your saviors and galactic friends? Still believe these guys? What does SOON mean?

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