Dancing the Peace Train in the Mideast

Screenshot 2014-07-22 21.21.48From a reader, this afternoon, a number of testimonies from women in the Mideast. I was having a lot of trouble formatting the complete post. So here’s the first one. Thanks so very much, Zarah!

Hi Ann,

I got this today from the 5Rhythms tribe and just thought you’d like to know that there are people dancing for peace in the midst of war …


unnamedAdi Argov, Israel

At the first module of the Teacher Training last September in New York, Anat, Lina & I shared many dreams, based on the desire to break this victim victimizer vicious circle that has caught our nations for so many years. We felt, as mothers, that we are the same — if you know someone personally it is harder to hate.

As part of those dreams, a few weeks ago I went to Jordan to support Lina in creating a new tribe there, evolved with a lyrical hope of building the bridge.

The reality of war hit me, and a wave of despair took control, hope was a luxury — sometimes you need other people to hold hope for you until you can own it back.

So in that dark moment I reached out for my amazing teacher training circle, asking them to dedicate a few minutes of their dance to pray for peace, holding the hope for us, In the meantime I served a Let Go of Tension, Lets Find Hope dance here in Tel Aviv.

I was amazed by the reaction – Natalie Poole from
Australia asked me which song I would pick for her and I picked Peace Train by Yusuf Islam.

Then the ripple began – my fellow teachers in training served this track in their own practice classes, inviting the dancers or only themselves to pray. I heard it has spread to other practices.

So in this body, in this place, right now – we need others to dance our hope, we dance our pain, fear, anger. I am sure we will dance our hope as well, but we need the power of the tribe to hold it for us.



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  1. beautiful… thank you Adi and thanks to the Cat man who still has it after over 40 years

  2. rose day says:

    …could Adi have been more divinely inspired?!

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