Incredibly jittery night, 2 A.M. on . . . aaaah, URANUS!

Jitter frequency. Image:

Jitter frequency. Image:

It’s now 7:48 A.M. Never did get back to sleep. Could feel this intense endless anxiety, nervousness, over-all disquietude, palpable, and not my own. Like a heavy, choppy pall in the air.

First thought: what frequency are “they” beaming?

Second thought: Aaaa. THE intensity point of this two week period: Uranus turns to go retrograde TODAY, on the heels of Saturn turning to go direct YESTERDAY: July 20-21.

We now enter two big weeks astrologically. May the stars be with us.

So, we’re in the second day, the excitable, revolutionary, implosive (because retrograde, otherwise explosive) Uranus day. Yesterday I did, believe it or not, exactly on the day that Saturn turned, begin to begin to get clarity on Saturn plans that had been stopped up for months. Today, I need to rev up my morning Saturn practices (yoga, tai chi chi kung) — despite exhaustion from tossing on the bed for hours — for these will help center myself in today’s energetic maelstrom.

And geez, so deceptive, this lovely morning. Outside, birds singing, sky lightening, as if it’s all as usual. As if everything is okay. But it isn’t the usual. And everything is NOT okay. As I saw somewhere on the internet yesterday, the world’s tensions in Ukraine and mideast are building so high, it rivals the roll up to World War II.

We must, and we can, prevent whatever global maelstrom they’re cooking up. There are so many more of us than them. Each of us, by centering ourselves into the still point of the dimensionless present, incites the portal of endless possibility. Over and over again, no end to it. Stop. Breathe. Center. Open. Stop. Breathe. Center. Open.

Simply, during this pregnant time when the old structures are breaking apart, and no new ones yet firmly fixed in place, we have entered the holy birthing moment. Intense, seemingly endless labor, now switches to the final push.

Whatever we dream into being with full heart and intent, will realign the choppy frequencies we are encountering now into the next, onrushing current —

— of rage, or of love. Which shall it be? Choose.




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  1. Ann, there was a lot of nervous energy in my house last night too. Animals, children, me we all did not sleep very well at all.

  2. ohnwentsya says:

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    Thank you Ann! I’ve been feeling totally overwhelmed the last few days. Your reminder that I’m not cracking up-the astrology is like this for everyone, and that grounding and centering is helpful not only for myself but also for the collective is exactly what I needed to see today. As much as momentary frustrations like a refrigerator stuck open and spoiling the weeks food can be, something much bigger and more significant is going on.

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