GOOD NEWS: Urban food projects and transforming victim consciousness



Let’s channel Saturn (which turned to go direct yesterday) to funnel the wild, exciting Uranus energy on this day that it turns to go retrograde, to completely revolutionize our world-view, including the idea that we have to import GMO/pesticides/germicided “food-like” processed substances from afar to eat and that we are, just in general, mere pawns, tossed to and fro at the whim of “powers that be.”

As Laura Bruno writes, in a post just today, repeating a comment she put on this blog, NOW is NWO transposed. No time like the present. Indeed, the present is gifted to us. Let’s take it and run.

Speaking of which, today, in another of our long-running conversations, my friend Keith and I agreed to take on the issue of water fluoridation in our town. Will begin by presenting on the subject at a meeting of our City Council soon. Now that other cities and towns have successfully banished flouride from their water, it will be a lot easier — and a great opportunity to educate the “general public” as to how our municipal water is being fluoridated to dumb us down, render us the placid pawns “they” still think we are. NOT!


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  1. Cindy W. says:

    Bravo, Dryden, NY – where I once went to look at land to buy with George W., because Ithaca – “Twelve square miles surrounded by reality” – was so nearby! inspiring story. I’ve heard the Amish in parts of Ohio are leaving rather than deal with fracking (because they see fracking as a violation of their moral laws), but this is better.

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