FL ML17: did you know that the vast field of smoking carnage may actually be a "tiny roadside crash site"? Read on.

As the theories and rumors continue to swirl in the jittery ethers, this is the most interesting piece of possible info I’ve yet come across. And yes, it does remind of Flight 93 (Pennsylvania, in a field, 9/11, remember?) — except this time, they decided to add carnage and twisted metal to the mix, rather than just stage a depression in a field with NO plane parts, no bodies . . .

In any case, this latest false flag/distraction — (from the GAZA genocide, from the BRICs devlopment bank, from ongoing climate catastrophes, like stupendous fires in western U.S.. Canada and Siberia) — that also serves to demonize Putin and, in a one/two punch, parallels the (staged?) child trafficking story on the U.S. border — does seem to be working! Even if we ignore in disgust the controlled narrative delivered by the lock-step statist MSM, we’re all mesmerized by “what really happened to Flight ML 17,” and of course, its relationship, if any to Flight ML 370, the last (downed?) flight to capture us, and that went on for months!

We no longer have months to dither. We need to get cracking NOW. Or is it too late? As one commentator said about one of the many latest posts that point towards inevitable global destruction: “This used to be a call to action. Now it’s an interesting data point on the way to extinction.”

Yep. Whether “Sheeple,” or “Awake,” we’re magnetized by FL ML 17.

P.S.: The Corbett Report has a good “open source investigation.”

Via Bill.

Flight MH 17’s Tiny Roadside Crash Site (IMAGES)

Oh wait… my bad… that’s Flight 93… right next to a road as well … oops. Silly me. — Scott Creighton

Oh wait… my bad… that’s Flight 93… right next to a road as well … oops. Silly me. — Scott Creighton



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  1. Mitch says:

    wooooow, complete regurgitation from the flight 93 playbook, hey, if it worked then, why not try it again? Only this time they decided to dump some actual wreckage, nice of them to hire some out of work Hollywood set designer’s to lend it some authenticity, indeed all the official shots, yes, all media outlets are using the same 5-6 shots, low to the ground, pretty remarkable what happens when you switch the camera’s perspective, these look like leaked out cell phone pics, the trampled wheat and the tiny crash site along the only the only road in area now make it completely clear why the ‘rebels’ are not allowing any media or investigators into the crash site, and sooooooo, Putin is completely in on the this false flag theatre of the absurd, it’s important we don’t get caught up in the Putin and BRICS are the good guys, the US, NATO the bad guy’s, like so many in the truther community are doing, it’s all theatre to keep us off balance and distract us from our journey as spiritual beings having a human experience and assisting other’s in waking up this evolution of spirit. Great work Ann! blessings! 🙂 Mitch

  2. Ines Radman says:

    I wrote a post about this subject as well. THe obsession over who done it is exactly what they wanted and that was to distract from what is really happening. In the end, it matters not who did it, whoever did it is evil and even if we knew today who did it, we are still slaves. We should focus on our energies, sending love to Palestine, giving them the strength and courage to fight for their freedom. They are now going all the way, they have nothing to lose, but what they already lost. The portals in Mount Shasta and Turkey are slowly starting to open, new energies are coming in, it will all be over by the end of this year, as painful as it all seems we will get through this.

  3. laurabruno says:

    Am I the only person who looked at this and the ML 370 and said, “Yep, liars. Same old liars, same old script, same old agenda. Time to plant more fruit trees.”?

    Seriously, though! If we’re on the global destruction trajectory, then the more we can plant, the better off we (or anyone or anything after us) will be. If we’re on the complete economic collapse trajectory, we’ll have food — for ourselves and maybe even some to share. If we’re on the splitting timelines trajectory, I personally choose to align myself with the healed Earth, which includes restored soil, local food, and more trees. Really, the worse it gets, the more I plant. People keep asking me, “What will you do when you reach manifest destiny in your yard?” I answer, “I’ll move onto to other people’s yards. They’ve already begun to ask if I’ll design and plant their yard. The more food forests a community has, the better.”

    I planted 6 fruit trees this weekend and still have three more to go. That’s following all the ones I’ve already planted. While life goes crazy in the world, around here, on this little plot of land, things are spiraling into cooperation. Not control, but beauty, harmony, order and abundance. LOL, I can’t stop planting trees! Methinks the worse the world gets, the more forests we’ll have, and at least that will solve some things. Let the “lost” planes, souls and countries sort themselves. If we don’t save our planet, we won’t have anywhere to live even in the unlikely event that peace arrives.

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