Flight 17: Current Conflicting Conspiracies

Current conflicting conspiracies point to two, perhaps equally plausible, possibilities:

1. It was a stupid, tragic mistake. This video has gone viral, via Avner:

2. It was planned beforehand: audio proof.

Caught Out! The ‘Pre-Posted’ Audio Trying to Frame Russia for Malaysian Plane’s Ukraine ‘Shoot Down’

Lots of other “false-flag” seeking conspiracy theories out there as well. Check infowars, globalresearch, beforeitsnews, veteranstoday, zerohedge, and others.

To me, a few other strangenesses are striking:

• It happened on same day as Israel started it’s “ground invasion” of the Palestinians. I read somewhere that Israel, of course, was one of the first to immediately blame the Russians.

• The immediacy with which the global MSM took up the banner of “the Russians did it.” Just startling, and yet, maybe not, given that:

• It happened right after the new BRICs Development Bank deal was signed. This is a huge deal that the MSM is trying its best to ignore. See:

Throwing BRICs at Israel

• The numerology (a cabal signature, to make things happen on certain dates) is just too much: 7/17/2014 (2014 added = 7), Flight 17, a Boeing 777

The spiritual significance of the number “7” is hard to grab hold of, given what’s going on in the world. But maybe that’s the point: we need to stop and learn how to go within, realize that the swirling currents outside are just as much inside, and learn how to begin to calm ourselves, first.

• This plane went down on the anniversary of another downed plane, that one definitely, supposedly, a mistake, Flight 800, south of Long Island, July 17, 1996.

• Surveying the supposed “debris field,” I couldn’t help but compare the ghastly, spread out carnage there — all from 33,000 feet — to 911, both the World Trade Center, how little debris there was — 3000 people died and only fell, how far, 1500 feet? Where were the bodies? — and the complete lack of debris from supposed Flight 93, in Pennsylvania . . . Then there are the perfectly preserved passports from the Flight 17 debris field. Huh? Reminds me of the supposed “crash-proof” hijacker passport supposedly found at the World Trade Center after 911.

All in all, however, this crash was just way too convenient, both in its timing and in its location for the U.S./NATO/Israel in their Russia blame game for me not to think it was planned in advance.

Oh yes, and then there’s the story, supposedly then debunked, that Putin’s plane had flown over the same flight plan just minutes before . . . and that maybe it was a failed assasination attempt.

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