Orwell's prediction. Are we there yet?

Immediate update: Aaaah. Actually, I discover I got this via email from Lance White (who got it from Zen, via Julian?) and I think they are his remarks:

. . . a grim reminder. It appears to be “too late” to stop the acceleration that’s taking place. There is not enough awareness, will, or unity. Those who are aware must simply watch the show, do what they can to be examples, a very slow process. The takeover from negative technologies and invisible groups is already done. It’s a fait accompli.

Via Zen Gardner, who got it from Julian Rose. And the odd thing is, once I clicked on the video, I could no longer find Zen’s remarks that he already thinks it too late. I disagree. It’s never too late. Stay present, stay aware, stay loving, and stay the course. Even if only one person does this, it disproves Orwell’s prediction.

Although I do grok what Lance is saying about fast acceleration of the mainstream and slowness of us apparently sidelined countercurrents . . . Hmmm. Even so, to energetically stand as a still point in a turning world is to open up an infinite space where anything is possible.

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  1. bumpercrop says:

    We still have freedom of speech, freedom of movement. We are often overwhelmed with more and more revelations, but progress is being made.It is OK to fall off the horse, but we must get back on, and face the shadow. I appreciate everything I learn and thank you Ann, for bringing the latest.

  2. Hi Ann –

    Yes, they were my remarks which I posted on FB. Julian Rose had sent me the link to George Orwell’s chilling statement, which I found had originally been posted at Zen Gardner’s site.

    It’s necessary to take into consideration the multi-dimensionality of all things. What might have been clearer would be for me to state that for SOME, there may be an experience of “it being too late”, since not everyone is awakening and not everyone is “destined to”. Some are most likely going to a multiplicity of new worlds, where, as you say, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Since nothing repeats really (like snowflakes, no two moments are the same), I’d also suspect that since we’ve had thousands, if not millions of years of “duking it out” with various ET factions, all vying for top spot, along with psychopathic demi-gods, Archons and their earthly counterparts, that the lessons provided by these “interlopers” are over. That implies a fresh game board. Those who would prefer to continue with duality might find a “softer, easier polarity consciousness”, not as mired in death, destruction and no regard for life.

    Our best chance is to open our minds, hearts and IMAGINATION to create various new realms for ourselves. Chances are, we will get to experience all of it and more. It’s beginning to look like there are at least two major paths revealing themselves: George Kavassilas points out there is a “galactic”, technological and inorganic path which continues the control and domination into a much larger playpen. It will be (and is) extremely alluring, with various biological implants to “improve” memory, sight, endurance, looks, etc. But who controls the technology? It’s a continuation of this world, with similar psychopaths playing god with a small “g”. That is why food is necessary. They do not get their energy from Source/Light, but from us. We are the batteries they need to control for our various finer substances.

    Then, there is an organic breathing living path which aligns with Gaia-Sophia, the solar logos, galactic center and so on. Since all life is precious beyond our awareness, and is equally valued, these realms do not require “domination and control”. Unity consciousness prevails, with unique essences able to move anywhere they desire. It’s true freedom, with total transparency since all is “known”, (no veils of forgetfulness and no aging or eating, sleeping breathing as we know it). It may be compared to the NDE or OBE. In fact, PMH Atwater, one of the top scientific researchers into the NDE has stated that there is a great similarity between the sudden onset of chaos and destruction, just prior to leaving the body, which could represent a collective NDE in which all humanity breaks through the shell or veil of illusions. If this is possible, then the reason for the setup to create such a horrific world of wars, rape and pillage, might be to prepare the entire planet for a massive NDE, together!

    Those who are just incarnating for their first time, MAY experience the continuation of this broken realm, into its technological and controlled aspects. Perhaps it’s a world akin to the movie Cloud Atlas; the future world of fascism and eating humans. An old theme, but still valid. How many are having a snack right now, of something we dare not ponder? My guess is that the worlds which “fall out” of the desire for what already is, and many humans are mired in the status quo, would be elevated to higher states where the players we observe today, in front of and behind the scenes, wreaking havoc, will no longer be around. They have had their day. If there is going to be a “graduation” of those who are moving up, up and away, then those who are committed to a negative path, which requires far more commitment to “move up”, will have gone on to other places with those souls they have enticed to experience their new empire. And so it goes. Everything changes yet everything remains the same. In that way, everyone gets what they want.

    Those psychopathic emotionless elements will have to be separated from the higher. To me, that’s a large aspect of the coming Shift(s). So, the sorting process, like the HAT in Harry Potter, continues until some kind of SHIFT point that is partially determined by we human creators, who have “densified” down the scale to experience and assist, and the Higher Light or Source with the planetary and solar logos synchronized perfectly. We know that everything is perfectly synchronized, it just doesn’t appear to be from the level of operational consciousness here on planet earth. Of course, there is an enormous technological, psychic, and multi-dimensional brainwashing job going on at all times, which can single out one person or an entire continent. Even our consciousness is tinkered with. This is why it’s so important to remain self-aware and self-observant, to have an Observer within that watches oneself so that we can connect with our Self: our Higher Self – within. Hold to the higher and the lower disappears from view.

    I don’t think there is any “saving” of THIS world, given the infestation that has taken over so much and is so pervasive on so many levels. A separation is more likely, not a saving of this realm. Most of the theft is of earth’s material goods: diamonds, oil, gas, trees, etc. The interlopers don’t appear to care about earth’s metaphysical or spiritual qualities, yet those ascend just as we do when “crossing over”. I suspect those who created the havoc will go with it, when the wheat and chaff go their separate ways. That would be an ironic twist of cosmic karma, if those who were creating mankind’s enslavement, death and control ended up having to live in the very worlds they created for us; in what’s left of the material realms, without spirit or life.

    Just a guess….

    Lance White
    Zany Mystic

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