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Fred Burks is one of the most remarkable human beings I met at the International UFO Conference, back in 2009, I think it was. At dinner one evening, my UFO buddy Joan Bird and I listened with Fred to one man’s personal story of extended torture and death of a young girl that he and other children in mind control training were forced to watch. This story was so horrific that even now, it’s difficult for me to absorb. And yet Fred heard this man’s story with compassion and a light heart, so centered is Fred in his awareness of what matters and how to remain both in the world and not of it, no matter what. I’m on his free email subscription list for and I highly recommend it. This interview with a sweet young woman from We Are Change shows the quintessential Fred.


Elina St-Onge sits down with Former Presidential Interpreter and White House Insider Fred Burks to discuss about how he obtained his position as an interpreter, what made him quit, how the “power elite” try to control us and what is the most effective way we can bring about change into our world.

For more information about cover-ups with the most reliable sources, check out Fred’s website:

To educate and empower yourself to be the change you wish to see in the world, check out Fred’s website:

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  1. TFH says:

    He claims to know a lot without giving evidence. That leads to the same place as one can be lead too by those who claim to know a little about very little. I suspect that he suspects, but he has no proof so his words on the subjects he is talking about have no validation and are best ignored.

  2. Mary McGinnis says:

    One of the reason why I use Fred Burk’s “Want to Know” as a go-to for reliable information- is his linking to originally sourced media (newspapers mostly).

    Most of what Fred shares can be independently verified and when he share his own conclusions, opinions, whatever- he makes that clear.

    For instance, in what he stated above, his employment with the State department can be fact checked, as well as his “whistle-blowing” as noted in American newspapers and others.

    Where Fred gives opinions, conclusions, beliefs -especially theological or philosophical, he makes it clear he is speaking for himself.

    If other public figures were even half that clear it would increase the discourse in this country exponentially.

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